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Aug 8, 2013 10:07 AM

Haven Birthday Dinner Report (long)

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all of your input. What a way to start off my 51st year!
The service was great, the food was amazing and the wine pairings were spot on.
Favorites of the evening:
Pork jowls with assorted mushrooms over bulgar wheat: OMG!
Bone marrow with caramelized onions
Braised beef tongue with beef tendon jus: Sexy!
Black garlic and shiso in a chilled corn soup
Smoked pasta carbonara
Caramel semifreddo with salted almond caramel sauce and housemade "s'mores"

Best pairings: Alsatian mineral-laden Riesling with the smoked pasta and the 1996 Madeira with the semifreddo.

OK, let's talk numbers:
Market Menu: $60 each
Wine pairing for savory courses: $30
Husband's drinks, Madeira, tax, generous tip:
$125/pp inclusive without having to drive to SF
Sharing a 2 3/4 hour awesome dining experience with my amazing hubby without having to worry about rushing back home: priceless ; )

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  1. Thanks for the report. I had one of my birthday dinners at Haven, too, and really enjoyed it. It would probably be my top choice for a "special occasion" in the East Bay right now.