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Aug 8, 2013 09:40 AM

new ramen/noodle spot downtown.. can't remember location & name?

I read about a new little ramen spot downtown(either online or in Bon Apetit mag) but can't remember the name or location. Here are the things I (think I) remember:

- it's small, maybe 10-15 seats
- you can watch the noodles being made fresh
- I seem the remember the photos featuring a darker, cozy interior(maybe mostly grey/black?)
- it's goooooood

I know I'm a little lacking in info, but any point in the right direction is appreciated(ie- I really want some amazing noodles right now).

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  1. I don't know of any ramen shop where you can watch the noodles being made fresh.

    There is an UDON shop, Marugame Monzo, next door to Daikokuya in Little Tokyo that sort of fits your description. But it does seat more than 15.

    Watching the noodles being made is a great floor show. I look forward to my next trip there.

    1. There are two newish Udon places downtown -
      Marugame Monzo and Tsurumaru - I and other hounds have heaped praised upon Marugame.

      1. I prefer Monzo. They have great noodles. The udon is perfect on a chilly day.