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Aug 8, 2013 09:12 AM

Slow-ish times at Voodoo?

Folks, I've already read all the cautions and such for this "tourist trap". I've got a group of a dozen plus teens who want to check it out. We love our donuts here in Los Angeles, so I understand it might not be worth the wait. But if there are times where lines tend to be manageable, we might give it a whirl.

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  1. my husband and i walked by at 10 am and at 10 pm and a few times in between. Huge line every time. We waited ~25 minutes at 9 pm when we went. I think it was worth it. My Portland cream (a Boston cream) was quite good. Total junk food though! I think I read that Voodoo's other location (Voodoo Too) isn't as busy?

    This may be of interest to a group of teens: I saw some kids come out of the store with a BUCKET of donuts. Day olds but still... Just $8 ;)

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      Agree that Voodoo 2 is the way to go to avoid/minimize lines. The bucket thing is pretty awesome to witness as we did when we went (and coincidentally tried the Portland cream!). Another advantage: free parking in a nicer neighbourhood.

    2. We recently went with an out of town teen at 6:30 pm om a Tuesday and there was essentially no wait.

      1. Weekdays - just about anytime...weekend mornings are the worst.

        And yeah, the day-old buckets are a huge deal (and fairly fresh, I hear, for day olds), but you get what you get that don't get to pick 'em.

        1. they are open 24 hours, never seen a line there at 6 am