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Aug 8, 2013 09:09 AM
Discussion - Los Angeles

I took advantage of a deal once last year and now I seem to get daily emails about it. One of the places I chose - Stefan Richter's LA Farm, stopped honoring the certs before I used mine, so I have to trade it in.

Most of what I see for their LA participating restaurants look less than inspiring, and not where I would choose to go on my own.


I'm in H'wood and mid-Wilshire, and prefer not to stray too far, but I will go aways since I do have this credit to spend. I purposely didn't limit it by cuisine because I sense there won't be that many recommendations even w/o a limitation. Maybe I'm wrong?


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  1. Something seems to have happened with and a lot of restaurants dropped out. I have a lot of credits because restaurants stopped accepting certificates I had purchased.

    Of restaurants in your general vicinity, by far the best is Marino on Melrose for classic Italian. Locanda Veneta by the Beverly Center also is listed and is good.

    Other places worth trying are the Ethiopian restaurants on Fairfax. Rosalind's, Rahel's, Marathon, and Buna are probably not the best restaurants in the area, but might be worth trying.

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      I forgot about the Ethiopian places. I did use one cert for Rahel. Just wanted to branch out. I will check out your recs - thank you.

    2. Obika Mozzarella Bars are quite good. Beverly Center or Century City.

      1. El Coraloense, TonyC's favorite mariscos (

        Kanpai is supposed to be not bad but pricey so perfect fodder for

        1. I always thought that site for discounted tickets was a possible scam because even though some restaurants were mentioned on the actual discount the restaurant itself would not accept the tickets in some cases.

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            The site has always exchanged cert's for restaurants that have dropped out and are no longer accepting them for other ones that are still in the program. I've never found their business model to be a scam.

          2. Bruddah's in Gardena still accepts the coupons. Also CBS in Chinatown, decent if not great Chinese. A little far from you, but has slim pickings these days. Pann's also quit them and Back Home Lahaina Manhattan Beach went out of business. I don't think BHL Carson takes the coupon.