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Aug 8, 2013 08:53 AM

What Do You Eat When You Go To a Restaurant?

Do you order something that you wouldn't cook at home or do you order something that you are comfortable with and cook at home a lot?

When going out, even for a low key dinner, I always look for an app or entrée that I would not be prepping a home.

Tell us what you like to order and eat out.

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  1. I order something that I wouldn't make at home. I usually try something that I haven't eaten before in an effort to broaden my horizons.

    1. If I see a menu item that looks appetizing, and it's something I don't cook at home, I will likely order it. Thing is, rarely do I see a menu item that I don't also cook at home. Consequently, I usually wind up ordering whatever I'm in the mood for at the moment.

      1. Your post offers a very limited menu of possible choices.

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          I'm a sucker for a great Bolognese at a restaurant, it takes so long to prep and I'm Italian!

        2. "I can train a monkey with a peanut to cook a steak."

          1. yes.................
            I do both.
            I order whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.