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Aug 8, 2013 08:32 AM

Underwhelmed by Dairy Joy

Hit it last night.

My SO had the burger and was quite happy with it.

My kids had the hot dog, which came on a nicely butter griddled roll (sadly my daughter ate the dog and had no interest in the roll) and a grill cheese. Both of which were fine.

We also had a side of fries. They were some pre-coated variety but came un-salted and were somehow oddly flavorless even with salt and ketchup. Plain old Sysco would have been better.

We also had onion rings which clearly came out of a Sysco pouch and were oddly card-boardy AND flavorless. Burger King's are way better. These were almost inedible.

I had the haddock sandwich. I wondered why it too tasted so carboardy and flavorless. I just realized, it tasted like they bought the fish prebattered/breaded frozen and threw it in the fryer. Just no flavor, no fresh fish-ness, nearly tasted like a fish stick.

Compared to the AMAZING fish sandwiches at Twin, which I have raved about, this was just slightly better than public school lunchroom fish sandwiches of my youth. Not totally horrible, but nothing I would ever eat again.

Soft serve was good as usual, and really like the dark chocolately chocolate dip shell coating. Best version of that I've had.

Moral of the story, stick to the burgers, dogs, and ice cream.

As an aside, I was gonna get fried clams, but the small side order was $28 (they had a sign saying due to 50% price increases all fried clams were 25% more than posted prices). That made the fried clam dinner plate $43 and the half plate $30.

I'll stick with Twin Seafood for my fried clams where the prices were half the cost at Dairy Joy. With the quality issues I have mentioned, it certainly does not feel worth the risk to pay $43 for a fried clam dinner plate.

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  1. For a decent fried clam dinner that doesn't require a mortgage give The Village a try on Tuesdays. Well worth the trip.

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    1. re: treb

      That's a bargain.

      Twin Seafood in West Concord is excellent and quite reasonably priced as well.

    2. Yeah, while it's a cool place in that retro way, I stopped going several years ago when the price of two soft-serve vanilla cones rang up at like $14. (Don't quote me on that) It rang up at something so ridiculous though that I thought they had double charged us. How much is a cone these days?

      At the time I remember looking at the seafood prices and raising an eyebrow. After reading your post; I can't believe those prices!

      1. The only part of this post that i find shocking is the onion ring part. Back in the 80s-90s that was the best thing to eat at dairy joy (although very expensive and nver with any salt).. One of my best friends in the 80s had a job there where he stood at a deli slicer, slicing onions for them all day.. They were always very thin,delicate and tasty.. Last time i had BK onion rings (years ago, they were made with chopped onions and perfectly round) Even back in the 80s the prices were always a joke.

        1. That's kinda crazy. I just had a delicious fried clam plate, freshly batterd O-rings and two drinks for $27. at the Willows in Salem.

          1. Give the seafood at Kimball's a try sometime. I have split the seafood platter between 3 people and still had leftovers and the onion rings are very good too.

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            1. re: hargau

              My favorite thing is a hike up Mt. Monadnock, followed by a lobster roll, waffle fries and a slice of watermelon at the Kimball's in Jaffrey, NH.