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Aug 8, 2013 08:10 AM

4 dinners in Bar Habor

I can't believe I am having a problem finding decent restaurants in this area. We have decided on Thurstons and Reading Room so far. Mache Bistro seems to be hit or miss..some say its over priced and the food isn't so great. Considered Trenton Lobster but they don't even give you butter unless you pay for it. Fantom had also very mixed reviews. Considered Burning Tree but someone wrote on Trip Advisor thee was a "gigantic bug" in the salad. And we don't want to go to a pub.. So where does that leave us? West Street Café?

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    1. I just got yelled at at Trip Advisor for asking this question. The expert accused me of being "paralyzed with fear" because I'm asking too many questions. How's that for a warm welcome?

      1. I haven't ever had a bad meal at Mache Bistro, nor has anybody I've recommended it to.

        I would also strongly recommend Town Hill Bistro.