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Aug 8, 2013 07:51 AM

Resto Recs: oysters, cocktails, sustinance...

I am coming into Portland from Boston for a week-long conference and am staying at the Hilton. I am buying a 7-day TriMet pass so I will be mobile and not chained to one area of town.

I'm looking for recommendations for restaurants for lunch and dinner ($10-$25 entree range), great cocktails and beer, charcuterie, and...oysters. There's always an oyster selection from WA or BC on the menus out here, and I am *really* looking forward to trying some out closer to the source.

Also, since I will not be cooking for a week and will be reliant on restaurants I'd like to know where I can get meals that are on the healthier side of things. Charcuterie and cheese are great...but not for 7 straight days. I'll need a vegetable.


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  1. As long as it is only one vegetable...should be easy! : )

    You'll find lots of veg stuff on just about everyone's menus so I wouldn't worry about that.

    In your neck of the woods will be Imperial, which has a strong cocktail program and a great grilled romaine salad that will help take some of the guilt away from your other choices.

    Little Bird, Tasty & Alder, Grassa, Lardo are close by and recommended. You are also close to the 10th & Alder food cart pod, which offers plenty of options (hit up Nongs for sure but go early for lunch, as they close when they run out).

    See a very recent post on this board for info on the oyster scene.

    Do Roe if you can!

    Most of the recommended restaurants do cocktails well (we are very lucky). Additional bar options are Kask and Teardrop.

    1. The best selections of oysters are at EaT: an Oyster Bar, but they have a sister restaurant downtown now, called Parish. I'd check those out. EaT has $1ea oysters all day on Tuesdays - I get some of the more expensive ones and at least a dozen of the $1 specials (it's whatever they decide to serve, but you can always pay more for the other choices they have). Also have great frog legs, if you are into that.

      Also, a Portland oyster institution is Dan & Louis. Neat old Portland atmosphere, and generally good oysters too, but I wouldn't eat anything else there, and I wouldn't order cocktails there either.

      I love Nostrana and love to sit at the bar there. Great cocktails and wine list, AWESOME charcuterie plate (sometimes they have oysters on special - they put their daily menu up online everyday:, great pastas, pizza, steak, fish, salads,'s all good.

      Ox and Ava Gene's are on the cusp of your price range, depending on what you order, but are both fantastic places for dinner - and also do great things with veggies as well as meats and fish. Both also have great cocktail programs and wine lists. There can be long waits for dinner (esp. on the weekend), but have a drink and relax, it's always worth the wait at these places.