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Aug 8, 2013 07:20 AM

Courtyard Romantic Dinner (besides Martinique Bistro)

Love Martinique Bistro so something similar but want to try someplace different. We have 2 dinners in NOLA at the end of August and since one will be in a beautiful but larger (likely louder) environment, we would love something more romantic and possibly a courtyard. Budget is not a concern. Open to various cuisines. Thank you!

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  1. Bayona leaps to mind. It is generally supposed that only regulars get the courtyard tables but I am no regular and still can wrangle one if I need it. and in August I don't know who'd want to be outside anyway.

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      Don't know if it's still the case, but Bayona at one time, didn't offer courtyard dining during the sweltering months.

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        That's of interest..come to think of it, I've only bothered with the courtyard in the fall..maybe once or twice in spring. In August I have my regular spots and the a/c blows just fine Another reason for my coat and tie regulation is that it helps when the a/c is really juicing.

    2. Thanks. Bayona could be a choice.. I know its true about the heat but in the evening, after dark, I can usually bear it because of the beauty and the tranquility of the surroundings. Just saw that Dominques on Magazine has a courtyard (or maybe just outside dining but not what I have in mind).... any reviews of the setting and or food, service, etc.. I will also do a search. (Was Dominiques in a hotel in the Quarter at one time- I recall eating at what I thought was called Dominuqes about 6 years ago)

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        You'll have to call Bayona, but again, I believe the courtyard is closed for dining in August.

        Yes, that's the Dominique from the Maison Dupuy. This is his third restaurant since leaving the hotel.

        A couple more courtyard options....Sylvain and the new Cane & Table. Both in the Quarter.

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          Thanks Bayou, I will call them and thanks on the info for Dominiques. The menu at Sylvain didnt really appeal to me and I am trying to find more on Cane & Table but no site as of yet.. thanks again!

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            We went to Cane & Table last weekend - beautiful courtyard! But most of the tables are right next to the kitchen, & they are still working out some of the kinks, so you may overhear some of that. However, there's a very private table way in the back of their courtyard, which would be perfect. If you go, maybe ask to reserve it? Food and drinks were excellent!!

            I also loooove Bayona's courtyard. We've had lunch out there in July, but I've not asked to eat outside in August.

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              Doesn't Commander's Palace have some outdoor seating in their courtyard? If not, you can sit in the Garden Room which has glass windows overlooking the outdoor area. I'm not sure about the outdoor options. It doesn't say on their website either.

      2. Feelings comes to mind. I haven't been there in several years but it had about as good of a courtyard as you could want and the food was wonderful as well. Always hated the name though..,