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Aug 8, 2013 02:22 AM

Where to eat in Mallaig, Scotland

Does anyone have an opinion on where to eat in Mallaig ? I found some info on Tripadvisor but would rather hear from other chowhounds about this. On my list for consideration so far: Cornerstone Restaurant, Steam Inn, Fishmarket and The Cabin.

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  1. You really are up in the middle of no where, or out on a limb may be more appropriate and unfortunately it's a place that I've not been to. I'd be looking for details of any where advertising fresh seafood there as they should be able to get hand dived scallops etc straight off the boats

    1. For situations like this (unfamiliar area, no specific recommendations from people), I generally try The Good Food Guide first. If one or more of the restaurants you're considering are listed on there, then those would probably be a safe bet.

      1. I gather its a bit touristy there - being the terminus of the tourist train from Fort William. Neither the GFG, nor Hardens, has a listing so I suspect it will be a matter of potluck

        1. Well, I can report back that the restaurants we tried in Mallaig were excellent. We ate dinner at the Steam Inn, and lunch at Chlachain Inn. The Cornerstone would have been my next choice, but there just wasn't time.

          For the most part it was excellent pub food (oatmeal breaded haddock and chips, steak and ale pie), but I also had lovely scallops at the Chlachain Inn. They had a coal fire going in there, which was very nice on a drizzly day. So, if you ever find yourself there on the way to the Small Isles, Knoydart or Skye, know that you can eat well. The town itself is small and charming, and there was a nice walk in the area.