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Aug 8, 2013 01:01 AM

Philly Hounds looking for a delicious fall weekend in DC

Hello all,

Heading down to DC the weekend before Thanksgiving for a performance at Kennedy Center.

Very excited to try signature DC spots. Only have two dinners to do so. Going to try for Little Serow on a Friday night. Saturday is an earlier dinner because of the show, but was thinking Mintwood Place or Kapnos. Love the vibe of Mintwood, but a MI visit would be nice. Also not sure where we will be staying yet, but want to get these dinners in line. Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you have already tried Mintwood (which is one of my favorite restaurants in DC) I would check out Kapnos. I went on Friday and thought it was great. You might want to make a special request for a table at the chef's table....that way if Chef Isabella is in you can see him at work.

    If you are looking for something closer to the Kennedy Center I recommend Rasika West End or Ris. For much higher end there is of course the amazing Marcel's.

    1. Definitely a Rasika West End fan. And also Blue Duck Tavern. Kintaro is a newish Japanese place in Georgetown that's also great and not that expensive (though check to see if they've gotten their liquor license yet, they were close last time I was there).

      Also if you're interested in a post show drink, try the Columbia Room and the Rogue 24 Spirits Bar, which are both excellent (reservations needed).

      1. Thanks for the recs! I have not been to Mintwood, but love what I have seen and the whole philosophy of the food and restaurant.

        Our show on Saturday is at 8 and we will be dressed for the Center. So was thinking Mintwood early and then a cab to the show.

        Is anything worthwhile open late? Here in Philly, we have some great food at bars. Anything like that in DC?

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          Rasika West End is open until 11pm. You can get drinks and the full menu at the bar/lounge.

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            Room 11 in Columbia Heights is a good spot, though it's across town.