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Aug 7, 2013 08:40 PM

Rice Salad Ideas/Gluten Free and Low Acid

I've recently been diagnosed with acid reflux and am on a very strict eating plan for two weeks. No tomatoes, onions, garlic, hot spices. One cup of coffee a day. Only low-fat dairy. Other vegetables are okay. Only fruit bananas and melon. Alkaline water to drink.

And I've been gluten-free since last December with major health benefits and a weight loss of 20 pounds without trying to lose.

Challenge is a potluck dinner this coming Saturday where I offered to bring a rice salad. I'm thinking perhaps of combining white rice with some vegetables I can eat (peas or green beans), putting some aside for me to eat then adding some red onion and a vinagrette dressing.

Ideally, I'd like to make a salad I really can eat. Any ideas?

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  1. I like combination of white, brown and wild rices (or whatever is available in your region); cooked in vegetable broth for added depth of flavor. Vegetables that you can eat (green beans, bell peppers? spinach. Parsley and one other distinctly flavored herb such as tarragon or dill; Vinagrette made with rice vinegar, toasted walnut oil (I recall that a small amount of oil is ok for the AR diet). For this salad, the key seems to be to dress very lightly. Toasted nuts are a nice addition, if you can tolerate those.

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      How soon before serving do you add the vinagrette?

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        If you are using mostly "hard" vegetables like carrots, etc you can add the vinaigrette early (even a day ahead). If there is a lot of spinach probably need to do just before serving. I find that rice salads tend to need a lot of dressing, not sure how much vinegar is OK...(my mom has been on a reflux diet, and the guidelines are so vague.. lemon juice is bad, but vinegar ok?) you might go with a lower fat dressing so that you don't need as much acid for balance.

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          whenever I feel like it? But really, if you add the dressing closer to serving time, you will use less dressing. If you cook the rice in broth, and until quite soft, you will use less dressing later.

      2. Thanks for everyone's help.

        I added the dressing close to serving. Very well received!