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Aug 7, 2013 07:00 PM

New Yorkers come to Napa! Need Food Recs


Planning a family trip (all adults) to come to San Fran/Napa in September. I've put together the following itinerary based on recommendations, but would love some alternates and confirmations just in case:

Dinner Friday Night (Downtown Napa)
The only rec I have gotten is for Oenotri... is this worthwhile?
What else?

Vineyards: Nickel&Nickel, Pride Mountain (will pick up food on the way) and Larkmead.
Dinner: Mustards *Might need an alternate since we may have a few additional people joining and their max table number is 8.

Vineyards: Cakebread & Mumms.
Any good brunch/lunch places?

Really appreciate any help I can get here!
Thank you!

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  1. Here's a post today on Mustards, maybe helps you decide.

    1. I had a wonderful tapas lunch at ZUZU in downtown Napa a few weeks back. Ceviche, avocado gazpacho, corn chowder - all were great!

      1. Not far from Napa is Yountville. Bouchon is pretty good. It's the guy from French Laundry's bistro. Then again, it can't be as good as what you get in New York (PerSe) or so say all NY transplants.

        Depending on how much you're willing to drive, there are plenty of places in the area. I haven't been to Mustards in years, it was a decent enough place back then.

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        1. re: hankstramm

          bouchon isnt trying to be per se; it never was. if anything, the comparison has to be between french laundry and per se. for nyers, i'd compare bouchon to what balthazar was a few years back, and perhaps to what lafayette is now: really good, mostly traditional french bistro food, prepared excellently.

          1. re: cubicles

            Guess you didn't get it cubi. Haven't you noticed nearly every New Yorker you meet says, it's good, but in New York it's better--to pretty much everything.

        2. Had a disappointing meal at Oenotri in December including. I second the rec for Zuzu; however, they don't take reservations. You may want to call & check about large parties.