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Aug 7, 2013 06:22 PM

And one more MUST TAKE piece of advice for visitors (or locals)

I forgot to mention the amazing fruit at the market and all over, very remiss of me! I don't know why, but it was incredibly delicious - the berries, peaches, plums, pluots, etc. We had something called a honeydew nectarine ( metropolitan market) that was awesome. Strawberries in a salad - better than the ones I grow myself, ditto the raspberries. If you visit Seattle in the summer or fall, you MUST eat fruit!

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  1. Daisy, the fruit and veggies in NY must be amazing too. The summer bounty of fresh produce is gobsmacking in this country!

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      I moved from the east coast, and the summer produce bounty is much better here! Not even close. I remember the first time I visited Seattle, 15 years ago, I took a ton of photos of the fruit at the market because I just couldn't believe how great it looked (and tasted) compared to what we had even in our good markets.

      1. re: firecracker

        I am a big farm market person, and try to eat seasonally, and NOTHING, not even a ripe peach off a tree at a you pick place, compares to your fruit in the Northwest, that is why I would say it is a MUST for visitors in fruit season, I can only assume the same will be true for fall fruits.

        1. re: daisylover

          I admit to eating a LOT of fresh stuff in the spring, summer and fall. It's impossible not to when you live here. I drizzle a little peach infused balsamic over cantaloupe rings, stone fruits (all of them) or pineapple rings and grill them off. YUM.
          When tayberries were fresh and local, I made up some sauce and stuck it in the freezer. The color is bright red and will be drop dead gorgeous over vanilla ice cream or pound cake over the holidays.