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Aug 7, 2013 05:15 PM

Heinz Ketchup Balsamic...anyone had it?

Heinz Ketchup Balsamic...anyone had it? I have seen it at Pavillions and was wondering.

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  1. I've had it. It's a slightly more complex, sophisticated version of ketchup. Got mine at Gelson's. Great in a salad dressing. Definitely check it out.

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    1. re: Steve2 in LA

      I first read what you wrote as "great as a salad dressing" and was going to ask if the consistency was more like ketchup or more like dressing, but since you said "in" dressing, I'm assuming its ketchupy in consistency.

    2. I like it very much. Got it for a really cheap price at a "close out" type store and after trying it went back and bought 10 more bottles. Expiration date was good for a year.

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        1. re: Atomic76

          No it's not discontinued.
          I don't know why it was at the outlet. I still see it in the shelves in supermarkets and even Target has it.

        2. re: Annief123

          Same here. I've bought a few bottles at Grocery Outlet. But I'm not enough of a ketchup user to say whether there is something special about it or not.

        3. Yes. I had it with shrimp, please don't laugh, it was not a good combination. I think it would be great with home fries.