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Aug 7, 2013 04:18 PM

Desperately Seeking Crab Apples

I have a sudden hankering to make my own pectin....anyone have a crab apple tree I can strip?

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  1. You'll have to wait another 6-7 weeks I'd say.

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    1. re: Scary Bill

      The recipe I have specifies under ripe crab or tart apples.
      I've never tried this before but yeah probably this year apples will be a bit later. My sister's in Sask. looked ready to go...

      1. re: gardengorilla

        Hi Garden,
        I have a crab tree and we probably (likely!) won't use all of the apples. You can come and get some. Not sure how to send a private msg with my info.

        1. re: Albertagirl

          ooh sweet!
          we're pretty far south in the city..Sundance. It might be a while before I can come and pick though.
          check out
          It's my blog and there is a contact do hickey there :

        2. re: gardengorilla

          I'm basing my guestimate on the trees in our yard, and the prior years ripening.

          Try making a jalapeno crabapple jelly, it's a pretty versatile and tasty condiment.

          1. re: Scary Bill

            I have my heart set (get it?!) on a delicious sounding Earl Grey Jelly....
            but that one sounds good too! Depends upon how many apples I can pick.

      2. I found a tree with ripe crabapples on it just this weekend here in Missouri. I have to say this tree must be an early ripener, because the others I know of are still sporting very green fruit.

        1. I have 2 crab apple trees and one apple tree to strip oh and a pear tree as well but I am in the far north west arbourlake.
          Its a shame I love to cook but never use any or the fruit my yard supplies.
          That jalapeƱo apple jelly sounds worth while .

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          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. We have a tree full in Bowness if you are still looking.

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              1. re: Sneaky

                I may just take you up on that of our kids has a football game at Shouldice Wed evening so I may be able to drop by then if that's ok

                1. re: gardengorilla

                  Yes. Wednseday is good. Better hurry they are starting to fall off the tree!

                  You can reach me at pmreid at shaw dot ca.


                  1. re: Sneaky

                    Thanks for replying...turned out my sister came for a visit and brought me a five gallon pail full of beautiful rosy red but tiny (useless to her) apples. They were just perfect for making pectin.
                    I picked through them and was able to make two batches of Earl Grey Tea Jelly.