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Aug 7, 2013 03:34 PM

Enrique's pork shank ... or not to shank?

I was going to try and recreate the oft-discussed Enriques pork shank in tomatillo sauce recipe. However, if my ragged memory serves me correctly, the "shank" at Enrique's seemed rather large to be just a pork shank ... no?

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    1. It's a big ass pork shank.

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        Agreed... its absolutely pork... they trim it in such a way that it really highlights the texture and flavor of the meat.

        And Production swine is a pretty large beast... One of the first lessons P. learned about dealing with a Mexican butcher was to be sure to ask for the right cut. Early in our relationship, I asked him to pick up some shoulder for Frijol con Puerco. So he went to butcher shop and asked for a pork shoulder. The butcher asked him, a whole shoulder? He said yes... 15lbs of pork later...