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Aug 7, 2013 02:53 PM

Long weekend in Victoria - Looking for recommendations!

Hey everyone,

Headed to Victoria for the coming long weekend at the end of August. Have already done some research but can only eat so many meals - could use some help narrowing this list down! We will be staying at the Delta Victoria and won't have a car, so nothing toooo far away.

Red Fish Blue Fish is already an auto for one meal. I've heard such good things.

Looking to go for one nice dinner and are deciding between Brasserie L'Ecole and Ulla, or if there's somewhere else that's better.

After RFBF and one of the above we'll probably go for a breakfast, lunch, and one other dinner. For breakfast I've heard lots about Jam Cafe and for lunch/dinner I had looked at Stage Wine Bar or Cafe Ceylon.

Is there a really good sushi place in Victoria? I've heard mixed reviews about most, but Ebizo seems to be the most mentioned.

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  1. Brasserie and Ulla are both good, but both quite busy. Basically, Ulla is a bit more expensive and pays closer attention to plating.

    Stage is a good choice for a dinner. Perfect for sharing.

    Sushi is not great in Victoria. The one place that serves impeccable fish, Uchida, is a weekday-only place and sells out almost as soon as it opens. If you are here on a Saturday, bike, drive, or walk over to the Moss Street Market (10 AM-2 PM) and check out the Daidoco food truck. They might have crudo preparations of fish, but even if they are offering only cooked dishes that day I can guarantee that the quality of produce and fish they serve is impeccable. And the market is a great place to spend a Saturday morning.

    A few other options to check out...

    Restaurant Matisse has great service, reliable traditional French food, and a cosy atmosphere. I always have a good time there, even if what they are doing is not groundbreaking.

    By late August, local mixology wonder Shaun Soole may have opened his own restaurant, called "Little Jumbo," on lower Fort Street (near Wharf). If it is open, I would check it out because Shaun makes great cocktails and is planning small plates based on contemporary French and Spanish cuisine.

    Paderno is Oak Bay is great for dinner (Italian, with wonderful house-made pastas). And Catalano in the Hotel Magnolia has been turning out reliable and delicious Mediterranean cuisine (also has a good cocktail program).

    Have fun.

    1. Brasserie is really great (fresh sheet everyday, great beer & wine selection and a bustling bistro atmosphere). Line-up at 5pm'ish for 5:30 opening - or drop in and luck out (if not lucky, leave your name&# and head 1 blk to Veneto's for cocktails to wait).
      Same set-up w/ Jam - be there for 8am opening or you'll be in the line-up (worse on wknds). Great breakfasts, worth a 30min wait, but line can get to an hour or more.
      Where are you coming from? If your popping over from Vanc, it's hard to top their sushi - but if your sushi experience has been limited, we do have a few places that are very popular...
      Also - if you want a stroll one of the days-get the hotel staff to direct you to the Galloping Goose (passes the Delta) and walk about a km to Fol Epi and Caffe Fantastico for lovely baking and coffee (and outdoor seating looking over arm of harbour).

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        Thanks for the reply! I'm coming from Edmonton so not much for fresh fish aside from Salmon/Trout here.

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          Having dungeness crab here is great - but hard to think of places outside of touristy resto's near Inner Harbour to get it. I like a fish stall BESIDE Barb's at Fisherman's wharf (buck-a-shuck oysters daily and good Fish/Chips, crab on menu, but not had it, check hrs at "The Fish Store") - you can take the little harbour ferries there from the Delta, or take ferry, walk THRU fisherman's wharf, up through adjacent park and get a fish burger from the Finest At Sea cart (in heritage house across st from park).
          Also (I mentioned this on another thread), Tre Fantastico across from St Ann's academy is a nice stop for coffee/wine/beer & a small charcuterie plate, if you wind up in that 'hood (about 2 blks E of conference centre, on Humbolt). Shine is also good for breaky (line-ups develop later, but w/ long weekend, who knows)
          And I've had a couple excellent meals at Lure, right in your hotel, a few yrs ago, but still remember how perfectly prepared the fish was. Same for Ceylon - been yrs, but the food was fabulous.