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Aug 7, 2013 01:59 PM

Rochester again: Victorias

May be old school, but a pleasant surprise. May have been an early bird special, but a seafood special for $21.95 including soup was an
excellent choice. Large shrimp, and at least 5 of them, clams, mussels, not as many, but very juicy squid in a white wine sauce over pasta hit
the spot.

Very attentive service, including responding to a question I had about
squid ink. ONly negative: tortellinin in the soup way too soft, and spaghetti not al dente either, but acceptable. I'd go back to try something different.

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  1. Nothing wrong with Victoria's with the exception that I have experienced overcooked pasta there from time to time ... Service is great and food is very good with generous portions. Where's your next choice?

    1. Next choice was to go back to Victorias, and ask for whole
      wheat pasta, al dente this time. See my post made in error
      on the Great Plains Board.

      I also gave Jimmy Johns a second shot and was pleased again. I do like Michaels for early bird Walleye, but not
      quite as much this time, through no fault of theirs. The Walleye was running larger and fatter, and it affected the result: less crisp.

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        If you ever get near St. Mary's Hospital, try The Canadian Honker's coconut cake [and it will give you a different place to try fried walleye]. The cake alone is worth the trip. My sister-in-law works at the lab in the Clinic and she goes on and on about Pescara. We also ate down the street from the Clinic to "The Loop" and it was worth the few block walk.

        P.S. If you like sub shops, try Erbert's and Gerbert's.

      2. Are you taking about Rochester, Michigan? Please include the state in your title.

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          It looks like the OP might have put this on the wrong board ... It belongs in the region that covers Minnesota and the town that Mayo Clinic is located.