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Uses for leftover rendered fat pieces?

Hey 'hounds,

So I rendered some beef fat yesterday. I had been collecting hunks of fat from roasts and oxtail trimmings and things like that and finally thought I had enough where it might be worthwhile to render.

Well I got plenty of fat and some crispy looking pieces of browned beef fat now...what do I do with this?

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  1. Cornbread? Though usually made with pork cracklings.

    1. Crouton substitute for topping salads.

        1. Different, but similar. Did a party that included skinless chix breasts and turkey burgers. Roasted the skins till crispy then chopped them up and added it to the white/dark ground turkey. Delicious.

          1. All of the above. Or just eat them!

            1. Add dough and bake bread with it.

              1. I use my rendered pork fat in my beans.

                1. I have used rendered fat, strained, in many dishes which call for sauteeing in fat/oil, and also in flaky pastry recipes. Once strained of solids/particles, the "clean" fat should be able to store for several months in the refrigerator. Something to note before incorporating in recipes, is the saltiness of the rendered fat. i.e., tasted your beef caramelized onions before adding more salt/seasoning.

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                    OP is referring to the "solids/particles," I believe.

                  2. You could use it to sear steaks, etc.

                    1. OP is not asking about how to use the rendered fat. He/she is inquiring about the remaining chunks of fat that are brown but unrendered

                      1. If they're nice and crisp, warm them up, sprinkle with salt and munch away! Soooooo much tastier than popcorn.

                        1. Thanks for the responses guys! I ended up throwing away the bits because it was really soggy and not crispy at all. :(

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                            Too bad! Now you'll just have to do it over again until you get crispy bits. . . :-) We sometimes buy pork fat, not to make lard, but for the chicharron.

                          2. Put the bits on smooth peanut butter and lather on the Texas Pete.