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Aug 7, 2013 01:32 PM

Uses for leftover rendered fat pieces?

Hey 'hounds,

So I rendered some beef fat yesterday. I had been collecting hunks of fat from roasts and oxtail trimmings and things like that and finally thought I had enough where it might be worthwhile to render.

Well I got plenty of fat and some crispy looking pieces of browned beef fat now...what do I do with this?

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  1. Cornbread? Though usually made with pork cracklings.

    1. Crouton substitute for topping salads.

        1. Different, but similar. Did a party that included skinless chix breasts and turkey burgers. Roasted the skins till crispy then chopped them up and added it to the white/dark ground turkey. Delicious.

          1. All of the above. Or just eat them!