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Best takeout quiche in LA (westside-ish)

I haven't posted here in ages and it's lovely to see some familiar posters still doing the Lord's work of posting about delicious food. I am hosting a small wedding reception brunch in a few weeks and am looking to be able to serve some really delicious quiche that I could pick up the day before and add to our brunch spread (the Curious Palate is doing most of the food and the have been really wonderful to work with, FWIW). Thank you in advance!

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  1. I don't know if it's "best" but Maison Giraud has lovely quiche, and I'm sure would work with you.

    1. I like the quiche at Susina Bakery, I'm sure you can order it whole if you give them some notice.

      1. Sycarmore Kitchen. *wave, D*

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          I'm six months pregnant and stopped at Sycamore Kitchen today "just to look" and walked away with a box filled on amazing-looking baked goods.

        2. Amandine? Haven't had their quiche in a while but I recall it being good.

          Thyme in SM?

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              I love Clementine's quiche....the crust is outstanding.
              I believe they offer two versions.

            2. re: PeterCC

              What's good at thymes besides the quiche ?

              haven't made it thee just yet. But I'm working on it.

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                They have a shrimp salad with dill that's really good. My wife likes the place better than I do but I agree it's good. I'd just rather sneak next door to Slice to get the excellent buffalo wings.

              1. Welcome back, MOM!

                Although I have not had it, I am reasonably sure I have seen quiche on display in the Curious Palate (Venice Blvd.) cold case so it might be worth asking them to let you try a slice since they are doing most of the other food.

                Otherwise, I will second the quiches at Clementine and Maison Giraud.

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                  Hello there! The Curious Palate actually usually does have quiche and it's very good, but they've recently lost whoever does their baking and have been carrying Cake Monkey baked goods in the meantime. I'm not sure what will happen by the time of the brunch but I'm hoping to have a back up plan in the place because I love quiche at brunch.

                2. Hi Molly O...good to see you back. I have liked the quiche we've had from Amandine, as recommended by PeterCC above. I can imagine that Huckleberry would be very good too. Do you have time to do some taste testing?

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                    I do have some time to taste test given that the brunch isn't until the 31st. Tough job, but someone has to do it... I'm glad Maison Giraud has quiche because I was actually considering also having some croissants and danishes from there but now I also want to try the Amandine, Huckleberry, Clementine, and Sycamore Kitchen ones too.

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                      Amandine has a truly excellent quiche -- really flaky crust, very rich but fluffy custard, and the caramelized onions they layer in are delicious. Reasonably priced, too. The portions served in the bakery are separated by little squares of waxed paper -- if they do that for the whole, take-out quiches it would make serving a lot easier.

                      Amandine also makes my favorite croissants in town, and only $1.95 for the fullsized ones to-go. They also make a smaller croissant that is even less costly and perhaps ideal for a brunch.

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                        Chicolate crossants are pretty fucking dope.

                        1. re: kevin

                          Strange how Proof's chocolate croissants aren't getting the love anymore when at one time it was all CH's were talking about....

                          Still my absolute favorite.

                          1. re: latindancer

                            Proof's chocolate croissants still get plenty of love, I think. For example: http://t.co/vB6vT7jjoI

                            It's perpetually pack. CH may not be wholly representative of all things chow.

                            1. re: TonyC

                              Thanks, TonyC.

                              Good to know there're those paying attention to stellar places east, north and south.

                              I drive many miles, fight unbearable traffic, for those croissants.

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                                well, one reason maybe that people haven't been mentioning it much lately is because the great coffee pop-up cognoscenti has left proof in the village for a storefront in culver city. so the patrons that would grab a cup of coffee with their chocolate croissants may not be as inclined to go there anymore. since it won't be double trouble anymore.

                                1. re: kevin

                                  False info.

                                  Cog's "pop-in" stand is still there at Proof. It's still run by Lim. On certain days, you will still find him there. My last cortado wasn't pulled by him, but the newish baristas aren't effin' around either.

                                  1. re: TonyC

                                    Thanks for correcting that.

                                    I thought he said though that he was only in Culver City now ? Anyhow, sorry about that.

                                    Do you happen to know on what days he pulls the cortados at Proof Bakery ?

                                    Thanks Tony.

                                    1. re: TonyC

                                      Well said, TonyC.

                                      I have no idea where that information popped up from.
                                      I was just there this week, ordering my usual favorites, and my espresso was just as beautiful as always, pulled by my favorite barista.

                                    2. re: kevin

                                      I'm not sure what you're talking about, Kevin.

                                      There've been absolutely no changes and the espresso's no different than it has been since the opening.

                                      1. re: latindancer

                                        sorry it sounded from the this brief piece that he moved his digs to Culver City (thanks for reinforcing that that is incorrect, now i can make my treks to proof once again for the double trouble - a couple pastries and the coffee):


                                        1. re: kevin

                                          Nothing to be sorry about, Kevin :)....your humility *is* refreshing.

                                          The way the article reads, it *does* sound like he went on to new 'digs'.
                                          I agree...some of the draw is Lim and his espresso. He's just priceless and so are the bakery items, in my opinion.
                                          I could easily eat one of the sandwiches (the baguette is incredible) every day but my waste line wouldn't permit it.

                                          1. re: latindancer

                                            yeah, and i also notice that the blogs at la weekly had a more accurate sounding article.

                                  2. re: TonyC

                                    I would show it more love... if I could get there early enough before they sell out. dammit.


                                    1. re: Dommy

                                      true, unless you go on a sunday.

                                      since if you even make it by 1130 that day, the goods will still be available.

                                      suffice to say, i like their Paris-Brest with the nuanced pastry cream even better.

                                  3. re: latindancer

                                    i liked those.

                                    But i still liked tarte tatin better

                                    1. re: latindancer

                                      I love Proof. Always did, and probably will for a long time.

                            2. Josie in Santa Monica make a great quiche and they have catering service available


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                                I love the quiche at Joise! Thank you!

                                1. I remember you too.

                                  Where were you ?

                                  Any how welcome back.

                                  How about the Persian variation of quiche at Attari ?????

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                                    I left my deskbound job as a lawyer to go back to school, which meant I had much less time to spend in front of the computer, not to mention much less income to fund my eating out addiction!

                                    I'll have to check that one out. Sounds interesting...

                                  2. Susina makes a good quiche that reheats easily, slices well, and is pretty modestly priced compared to others. Short Cake makes a very good version at a very fancy price.

                                    If you have someone coming from Pasadena the verison at Europane is great.

                                    1. MoM, so glad to know you're well! You're one of my favorite, congenial and most respected posters. One gets awful worried when someone like you just vanishes, ya' know!

                                      Had a couple of really tasty slices of quiche at La Monarca on Wilshire. Their baked goods are very good IMHO as well. Welcome back!

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                                        Aww, thank you! And the feeling is mutual with respect to favorite posters. I will definitely check out La Monarca -- it's incredibly geographically convenient for me!

                                      2. I don't know if they'll do it - but Josie's would likely do it.

                                        IMO - their quiche is spectacular. (haven't been there in a year, but they used to give a complimentary slice for each meal - same thing her father did at Gregoire's in the Valley.

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                                          Sadly, they no longer offer the complimentary slice at Josie. I asked why and was told it was because they were selling it by the (larger) slice at Next Door and wanted to make it unique to there. I'm hoping if enough diners ask they will realize the error of their ways (it worked when they tried taking the Buffalo Burger with [then] foie gras off the menu some years back) and return to form. It was a delicious signature start for each meal.

                                        2. By the way, if you still like fried pickles (or, in light of the terrific news about your Foodie-in-Waiting, crave them), the new Pork Belly on Abbot Kinney has them on the menu. I have not yet tried them, though, as the tater tots won out.

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                                            Ha! What an excellent memory you have! I will absolutely have to try them.