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Aug 7, 2013 12:53 PM

While the kids are away, we're off to play - Montreal weekend

While all three kids are magically at sleepaway camp at the same time, we’ve planned a long weekend in Montreal. We leave Westchester Thursday around 3:00 and head straight up 87.

We’ll be staying at the Nelligan.

We have an 11:30 p.m. reservation at l’Express Thursday night.

On Friday, we’re having dinner at Toque!

Our plans for daytime Friday / Saturday are to meander, eat, drink, get lost, eat and drink some more, etc. One day we want to stay in Vieux-Montréal - maybe Saturday so we can catch the fireworks in the evening - am I correct that they are every Saturday in August?

Also on our hit list is Upstairs for jazz and a stroll up Mont Royal.

We’ll leave after brunch on Sunday for which I had Boris Bistro in mind.

A friend recommended Borgata for dinner one night - I’m wondering if we can eat somewhere before going to Upstairs and just go for drinks and music later.

Any ideas for lunch near Mont Royal? Something quirky and unique, not too fancy but with a nice atmosphere and good food - type of food doesn’t really matter.

Anything else that should be on our hit list? Maybe a good cocktail or wine bar for an afternoon drink?

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  1. Fireworks are over for the summer - the last one was this past weekend, I believe.

    While Boris Bistro has a lovely courtyard, if the weather is nice, the food is less than memorable, to put it nicely. There are better places to try. While a place like Lawrence is not in Old Montreal, it's not that far if you're driving anyways, and would be my choice - there are other threads about brunch, if you check this board.

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      Oh, that's too bad about the fireworks! Thank you for the brunch rec - it might be nice to venture somewhere less touristy on Sunday. I'll definitely look up Lawrence!

      - Sue

    2. Maison Publique also has an interesting brunch.

      1. You could also consider going to Dièse Onze for jazz and a glass of wine, and then it is easy to eat somewhere on the Plateau before. Or if I was going to Upstairs I'd probably eat at Gado Gado down the street first, which is a nice Indonesian place.

        Romados, a very popular Portugese roast chicken place that has re-opened recently, is near Mont-Royal and you could take it to go for a picnic. Well, for that matter Schwartz or the Main are easy stops before hiking too. There are also a few food trucks at the foot of the mountain and up on the mountain these days and they are likely to be quirky and unique. Or perhaps Patati Patata with its excellent poutine would be nice? Also very informal in that neighbourhood is Sabor Latina with excellent tacos, pupusas, tamales and other Latin American meals in the middle of their little grocery store.

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        1. re: Plateaumaman

          Wow - great stuff, Plateaumaman, thanks! We may save Mont Royal for Sunday and have brunch at Lawrence, which looks great. So much to do, so little time.

          Okay, nevermind, just checked the map and see that Lawrence is an hour walk from Mont Royal. I'll need to work on my geography on the way up!

          1. re: shaiken

            You can follow the food trucks here,
            Might be better ones on Sunday. In any case, enjoy and I'd love a report on Toqué. Have never been.

            1. re: shaiken

              An hour walk?! Its a 15-20 min walk from Jeanne Mance park (which is mt royal..)

              1. re: kpaxonite

                not from Beaver Lake or the lookout, though.. which is where tourists should be.