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Aug 7, 2013 12:43 PM

3 new seabright restaurants: Beach Burgers Grill, Billy G's bistro and Even Tide

It is good to see sea bright is getting back on its feet. Has anyone been to any of the new places? I know there are 3 new places and maybe another I missed.

Also, what's the deal with the "tropical bar" next to Harrys and who owns that? It is some outdoor bar that seems dead most days but the other day it was packed with a band playing.

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  1. What are the locations of these? Did they replace other restaurants that aren't re-opening?

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    1. re: jrvedivici

      Billy G's is right in town where Kotobuki used to be.... basically across from the mad hatter.

      EvenTide is on the monmouth beach border across from AMA in the marina (you drive in the parking lot of the marina and it is literally right on the water)

      The burger joint took over the other burger joint which was called Kind Burger and that is right in the center of town.

      I haven't been to any of them yet but just tossing some info out there to see what hounders think.

      I wonder when/if the old Quay will ever get going. That is a nice piece of land with a decent river view. The copper canyon should move there and get out of that small place.

      1. re: corvette johnny

        I went to Alice's for breakfast this past weekend.

        Very nicely done, clean and comfortable, server was pleasant.

        didn't spend much time looking at the menu as it was 6:30 and I was looking for a quick meal. - Had egg whites scrambled and wheat toast - the toast was fink thin bread, the eggs came on a large plate with both potatoes and fruit. The potatoes were the standout item, crunchy and complete with fried onions.

        Good choice, certainly an upgrade from Steve's - I will go back

        1. re: carlylecat

          I enjoyed Alice's very much. Will be a regular breakfast destination, most likely.

          Pondering checking out Harry's outdoor bar area tonight.

        2. re: corvette johnny

          EvenTide took over the location of the old Cove or Docksider? I've been waiting to see what was happening with the old Cove location, such a great spot with a great history and it's been closed the past 3/4 seasons. Supposedly the landlords are a bit difficult to deal with but I figured someone would be in there by now.

          Same thing with the old Quay, that building is in some disrepair but the landlord doesn't seem to care to try and lure anyone in to take the place over. I think that is just going to stay vacant till they find someone with very deep pockets to take it over.

          1. re: jrvedivici

            EvenTide is the old docksider. Remember when the docksider had all you can eat blueclaws and snowcrab? I put a hurting on that place lol

            yeah the Quay is falling apart. Did you see the roof lately? It's a shame. That is definitely a decent location with ample parking.

            I think there is yet another new one. It is the place that is right past the Quay heading south that was Algarve Milano. It was a Portuguese place, then an Italian place and a bunch of other stuff. I am not sure if they are even opened yet but they are doing a lot of work to the place.

            1. re: corvette johnny

              Chuck McQuillan who owns Navesink Marina and is a partner in the eventide grille bought the old motel and restaurant that was Merriman's, Algarve and then Philomina's - they have rehabbed the motel and the outdoor deck tiki bar - from what I understand the restaurant may not open for quite some time as he is looking for an operator for that.

              The old Quay is owned by a plastic surgeon I can not remember his name right now but when I met him last year he was interested in primarily operating the rental slips of the marina and waiting to flip the property ... since the storm I am sure that plan has changed quite a bit

              1. re: carlylecat

                Been to the tiki bar a few times. They've done a great job so far. Nice pub menu also. If I had a few pics to upload, they would show how beautiful the spot is.

                1. re: carlylecat

                  Based on my phone conversation with him about a year ago I would guess he is either a Staten Island or Brooklyn plastic surgeon. lol

        3. The tropical bar is actually part of Harry's. They have live music and I think they charge a cover on those nights. There is also another breakfast type place, Alice's Restaurant, that took over where Steve's used to be.