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Aug 7, 2013 12:36 PM

Restaurant recommendations for before an Als game?

I was given a pair of Alouettes tickets for tomorrow's game, and was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for restaurants in the area.

We're not at all picky, and are open to all cuisines. Our dinner budget is ideally $70 and under.

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  1. There are no restaurants worth mentioning in the immediate area, McGill campus and the Parc are what is around it.

    Would go to Taverne Square Dominion (might be a tad above your budget depending on what you choose) and then take the free shuttle bus up to the stadium.

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      Or you could try Brasserie T and grab the shuttle - it's a wee bit farther east, but still only a few minutes' walk to the shuttle.

    2. Lola Rosa is not far if you're ok with vegetarian

        1. Amelio's pizza is quite good and its BYOB if memory serves. You can certainly stay on budget there.

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            Amelio's is my local favorite for before the game, in fact I'm going there tonight before the game! And yes, it is a BYOB. Before the last game we brought beer and for tonight we're bringing wine. Note: It can get full fast so you might want to get there between 5 and 5:30.

          2. The closest great food is Le Filet on Mont Royal Ave one block east of Pine.A small dish restaurant that is perfect for a group.

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            1. re: finefoodie55

              Good luck with a 70$ budget for 2 at Le Filet...