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Aug 7, 2013 12:18 PM

Looking for best cooking classes in L.A.

I've seen this posted a few times, but nothing recent, and nothing as general as just looking for general suggestions. Just read a recent post slamming the Mozza class as hardly a class (where you just sat and watched pizza being made), which might be fun if you were not really in for actual cooking, but I was wanting something with more hands-on and even educational. I know of Williams Sonoma and Sur La Tab classes. Anything else the hounds might recommend?

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  1. Do not take any classes at Epicurean, I had a terrible experience there. I did, however, take a knife skills class at The New School of Cooking in Culver City and it was great. A little pricey at $75, but I learned a lot. And they fed you :)

      1. many seem to like hipcooks.

        1. I have a good friend who raved about the classes he took at Eatz on La Brea

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            we have taken 2 eatz classes and LOVED both. one was the "southern flavor" night and one was "tour of asia" - we had a fantastic time both times and came away with a TON of food each time. each class teaches you about six dishes and plies you with wine or beer while you're cooking... it was great. we will totally go back!

          2. I took a 20 week pro class at Chef Eric's Culinary Classroom in WLA! it was awesome!