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Aug 7, 2013 12:10 PM

San Diego identified by TripAdvisor Community as "Best U.S. Destinations for Pizza" Really?!

Why isn't Chicago even ranked among top ten?

Las Vegas and Boston over NY?


Personally, I think Trip Advisor loses huge credibility points on this one.

What say you Chowhounders?

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  1. TripAdvisor had credibility about anything food related ?

    1. I read that this morning and nearly choked on my coffee. Then when I saw it was Trip Advisor, it all became clear.

      1. I just read that too. It must be some splinter group of Yelpers that were mistakenly allowed to roam free.

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        1. re: Dagney

          Man, you guys are the type that if your kid came home with a "My child is a superstar at..." sticker, you would call back the school to call them on their bullshit!


          1. re: 4wino

            lol! no kids, but I probably would.

        2. New Haven also missing, which is inexcusable.

          1. I use TripAdvisor quite a bit as I travel a lot for business and pleasure. The heavy users are not necessarily foodies but do tend towards affluent, sophisticated travelers who often have similar interests in food.

            Why so surprising that SD establishments could make good pizza? It's not like pizza is all that hard to make well and quality ingredients are not limited by geography. Much less difficult than beer and SD went from nowheresville to international recognition in about a decade. Perhaps the pizza in SD compares well with other more traditional pizza cities.

            Personally I'm not surprised the Chicago didn't make the list. The style is so different and I could do without it (as was confirmed during my last visit to Chicago).

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            1. re: steveprez

              Tripadvisor is very helpful for hotels, B&B etc but not so much for food. Nobody doubts that there are a number of places in SD which make very good pizza (even though I would argue that it is quite complicated (like with most food) to make top notch pizza) but best place in the US for pizza is a stretch as with beer it will take some time that a "pizza scene" will grow in SD.