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Aug 7, 2013 12:07 PM

Manhattan Celebration Diner for 2 (and desert tasting questions)

My wife just found out she passed the post residency surgical boards exam on her first attempt which isn't easy. I found a last minute hotel room at the intercontinental barclay for this saturday night and wanted to now schedule a celebratory diner for us. We have loved Marseille and DB bistro Modern but I wanted to go up from there. I don't have an unlimited budget and we are going to the theater afterwards.

My wife and I keep kosher in the house but do dine out as long as we don't have anything that is not kosher. So we don't eat pork, shelfish, or meat and cheese. Because of this we can't do tasting menus but rather need to do 3 course menus / al a carte menus. Where we go would ideally have:

1. wine pairings with its menu (or a sommelier on site)
2. Lamb chops or duck (wife's favorite)
3. availability to get in on saturday and out in time for play.
4. price isn't a deciding factor but I would like to be under 400 w/ tax and tip (without wine pairings) so roughly 160 pp for diner (also willing to push slightly if really worth it).

Next we heard on previous trips about a dessert tasting at WD-50 is that something that is still going on and would you recommend it? Further is there any other dessert tasting menu you would recommend?

Thanks for all your help in advance.

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  1. First off, congratulations to your wife!

    WD-50 no longer has their dessert tasting menu. WD-50 eliminated that option when they revamped the menu.

    There aren't actually a lot of dessert tastings / prix fixe menus in the city.

    Per Se's dessert tasting in their Salon (lounge area) is probably the easiest one for you, location wise, but recent feedback has not been positive.

    I would recommend you try Jean Georges, whose desserts are always flights of items on a theme such as "Strawberry" or "Chocolate" etc. It's not a tasting in the sense that you get one dessert course at a time, but you do get to try 4 or more different variations on the theme. Right now their chocolate via percentage darkness on the current menu sounds really intriguing as well.

    It's $118 for a three course prix fixe for dinner at JG, leaving a fair bit of room for wine. I see on the menu they offer a pairing with their tasting menu, they could probably work something out with your prix fixe choices.

    Here are two courses on the current JG dinner menu that may work for you in terms of your wife's favorites:
    Duck Breast Topped with Cracked Jordan Almonds, Amaretto Jus
    Roasted Saddle of Lamb with Chili Glaze, Chanterelle Mushrooms and Broccoli Rabe

    They currently have 5pm and 5:15pm tables for 2 on Saturday on their OpenTable page. Make sure you budget enough time to walk to your theatre, and, of course, let the restaurant know your time constraints.

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      Thank you so much for your response I have been meaning to try JG that was one of the ones on my list.