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Lots of leftover mediocre flank steak (cooked)

I bought a large (maybe 2.5 lbs) flank steak from Trader Joe's. It was not the best quality, and I made it worse by accidentally setting it on fire. So I've got one charred side--it's rare to medium rare in the middle, though. Do you think it would be good in ropa vieja? I have scraped off the excess carbon, so it is edible as is, it's just not very good.

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  1. Trim off burnt section then chop finely for tacos, or enchiladas.

    1. I think it would be perfect in ropa vieja. Cook it low and slow in lots of liquid either sliced or whole and shred it after its falling apart. Also, you could make steak sandwiches. Saute some onions, galic, and peppers and add thinly sliced flank. Add some beef broth, cover and cook on low heat until tender.

      1. Your flank steak is a candidate for hash. Use any ingredients you like to convert your steak into hash.

        1. In addition to the other ideas, a potted meat spread. Put the trimmed meat through the food processor, with sweet onion, pepper, mustard, and a bit of cream cheese.

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            Now that's something I'd like to try. Do you think I should cook the meat or just use it rare-medium rare (minus the burnt side, of course)?

          2. my mom used this kind of thing to make hash, cubes or slices of leftover beef with onions and potatoes in a cast iron skillet, and a little worcestershire and served with ketchup. comfort food memories!

            cook the parboiled diced potatoes in some oil, then add onions and cook till almost done. add the beef and some water (and whatever you want as seasoning), cover and let cook though to finish the potatoes and dry the hash till just moist.

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                  Yup, me too. Cheese steaks. Chop it finely and melt cheese over it.

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                    with grilled onions and peppers, on a crusty roll! ;-).

                2. Cut up into cubes. Fry with some onion. Then make tacos.

                  1. Mmm... steak and mushroom-and-or-kidney pot pies...

                    1. Lime juice is flank steak's friend. I'd slice it thin across the grain, sprinkle generously with lime juice and serve over sesame sauce noodles, or with griddled corn tortillas. If you are feeling lazy, even bad flank steak can improve instant ramen a lot.

                      '...and I made it worse by accidentally setting it on fire.'

                      I have to say that your matter of fact delivery of this line made me laugh uncontrollably.

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                      1. You could slice it thin and saute with pepper and onions and make fajitas.

                        1. You could stew the heck out of it and perhaps make a chili with it until it's fall apart tender. The chili powder and other seasonings may help cover up some of the burnt taste too.

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                          1. Have to ask, how did you set it on fire?

                            I would go with a sandwich type serving application, or cook it way down until falling apart. It's already got the "smoky" flavor at least.