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Aug 7, 2013 11:29 AM

Opinions please for an ATL weekend food lineup.

In ATL for a September wedding and making a weekend out of it. Wanted opinions of my food line up. Live in NYC, somewhat looking for food that will be better there than anywhere. First time to ATL, second time to GA. (other time being Savannah)

Staying in Midtown. Will have car, but not wanting to spend too much time with Google Maps in the rental car. Traveling alone so for the dinners, restaurants with bars where eating is allowed are ideal. Price is not too important if the food justifies the extravagance.

Friday Dinner - One Eared Stag (inventive southern?)
Saturday Lunch - Barbecue Kitchen (en route to wedding, with bib)
Saturday Dinner - Wedding chow (bleh!)
Sunday Brunch - South City Kitchen (chicken livers!)
Sunday Dinner - Holeman & Finch (contemporary southern?)

Recommendations for cocktails are also greatly appreciated for a thirty-something latino hipster of sorts.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Check Holeman and Finch Sunday hours.
    I would skip South City Kitchen and go with Empire State South or Local Three.
    Might explore Abbatoir as well if you want chicken livers.

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    1. re: rcburli

      Holeman & Finch is closed Sunday evening, but Abbatoir is closed all day and a bit far. Maybe I am crazy but I am not enthralled with the menu at Empire State South. However, Local Three looks delish.

      Thanks for the suggestions and have adjusted accordingly. Just curious though, why not go to South City Kitchen?

      Friday Dinner - Abbatoir (still a maybe)
      Saturday Lunch - Barbecue Kitchen
      Saturday Dinner - Wedding chow
      Sunday Brunch - Local Three
      Sunday Dinner - One Eared Stag

      1. re: rcburli

        a quick follow up to the weekend in atlanta. i am IN LOVE with local three. could not be served alcohol until after 12:30 for brunch on sunday but the sober wait was worth it. typically do not go for buffets but the food was amazing. i needed to be rolled out of the restaurant. thanks for the tip, this was my favorite place of the weekend.

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        1. Check out Miller Union for dinner - southern, local
          Barbecue - Fat Matt's. Bring extra napkins
          Skip South City Kitchen

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          1. re: amymel

            So glad I decided to post on here for suggestions. Lovin the menu at Miller Union and although Fat Matt's looks better, the selection of sides at Barbeque Kitchen is winning me over. The updated weekend looks perfect.

            Friday Dinner - Miller Union
            Saturday Lunch - Barbecue Kitchen or Fat Matt's
            Saturday Dinner - Wedding chow
            Sunday Brunch - Local Three
            Sunday Dinner - One Eared Stag or Bones

            1. re: amymel

              a quick follow to my weekend in atlanta. i give fat matts a slab of stars. simply delicious food and worth the wait in the saturday afternoon rain for.

              miller union was fine. maybe it was what i ordered the blueberry cocktail and duck confit. definitely a nice space and good service.

              thanks for the tips!

            2. Abattoir
              Two Urban Licks

              1. good foodie list-- if you like szechauan Gu's bistro is terrififc--Im a native NYC guy and this place would make it there.As for BBQ, im a fan of Pig n Chic--great NC and SC BBQ Im not a fan of small plate deals,or waiting for my table, so not a Holeman guy--although most love it.Im more of a steak with great service guy Both McKendricks and Bones let you eat at the bar and are NY worthy places as well