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Aug 7, 2013 10:23 AM

Giant lollipop

Anyone know where I can order a giant lollipop on line?

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  1. Amazon has sizable (6") lollipops and truly big ChupaChups (if the Tootsie Pop shape is acceptable).

    1. How big do you want? Http:// has some 9-inch swirly ones.

      1. I haven't seen them since I was a kid but I was once given something like this ten pounder.

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        1. re: JMF

          Holy moly, those suckers cost $90 a pop!

        2. Are your looking for recommendations? If so, I have none since I have never ordered one.

          But if you just want to browse to see what's out there, all you have to do is Google giant lollipops for sale and you will get plenty of options.

          1. Fun story: one Halloween, my brother (6'2", football player-sized) dressed as Little Lord Fauntleroy - curly wig, velvet knickers, ruffled blouse etc. We spent ALL DAY driving around town looking for a giant lollipop and finally had to give up. Later that night we arrived at the party. The hostess opened the door, greeted us, and said, "You look like you're missing a giant lolly!", ran back to her bedroom, and came back with one. Craziness.

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            1. re: NonnieMuss

              LOL good story.
              The craziest part is that the giant lolly was in her bedroom!