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Aug 7, 2013 08:45 AM

Sushi Sho Shingo

If you like the Sho school (I know Ninisix doesn't), this new member of the family in Aoyama is well worth a visit, and is still quite gently priced for the quality, and relatively easy to get into despite having just eight seats.

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  1. I was reading about it on Tabelog recently. Looks very close to the Yotsuya restaurant indeed.

    There're so many offsprings of Sho now, even outside Tokyo. I counted 7 only in Tokyo.

    1. would you happen to know the link on Tabelog? I researched the address to be

      1st floor, Win Aoyama Building
      2-2-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku

      and chef is Shingo Takahashi, but can you tell me what price range for dinner or lunch? It seems he doesn't allow photography?

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      1. re: hppzz

        Tabelog link:

        He does seem to allow photography. Price should be around ¥15k.

      2. just tried the main (yotsuya), and i am very impressed, best in my books when ranked beside mizutani , saito , total items they have in their arsenal, 40 different types of sushi! their aged fish(some up to 10 days or maybe more, i forget), have some acidity in them, a first time experience, very good.. also price is very reasonable.. and i shall not say too much :)

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        1. re: Lucil

          I'm glad you liked it. He has his on and off nights, but overall it's a blast.

          Just back from Shingo, where in case Silverjay is reading along, there was quite the lively debate about murasaki vs aka vs bafun uni (no conclusion as the arguing parties were a bit well hydrated), also an incredible meal in terms of both quality and quantity.

          1. re: Lucil

            Oh well, the all you can eat, best value for money, the blast of quantity ? Even if there is some market for these offers, I can not agree that such can be compared with the proper elaboration of menu made by other classic sushi yasan ...
            Sushi sho, OK, yes ... if you can eat 40 pieces. In my case, I stop around 20pieces. If it goes with sake, well, perhaps more, but I rather follow with a blast on sake then...
            I have a real preference for the classic sushi, like starting with tsumami and then nigiri, rather than sheer volume. For a beginning, a cut of 'mizu nasu', I get served one part, and the other part goes to another customers that just beginning ... I do think there is 'abondance' in slow, nice progress through the menu, as well as sharing other customer's space..

          2. Hi Gargle,
            I'm so glad you posted this. I went to the one at yotsuya in January, and I am going back again soon. I was served by Shingo Takahashi, and now that he has his own restaurant, I would love to visit it. How does it fare to the yotsuya one? And also, do you have the contact number to make a reservation?

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            1. re: smoothchopstick

              It's been pointed out to me that he uses the more common reading Takumi for the 匠 kanji, so it's really Sushi Takumi Shingo :blush:

              You can find the phone number here, scroll a bit down:


              There were some meals where yotsuya was better, others when Shingo was better and of course it's always luck of the draw what crowd you end up with around the counter - currently your chances of a nice crowd are higher at Shingo, I think.

              1. re: Gargle

                Shingo serves many 'old favourites' from Yotsuya eg. rice-stuffed squid, ankimo with pickled melon, all really really nice. I would be really hard-pressed to say which is better, although a regular customer of both might detect differences.

                I also pass along the input of a friend who is a Yotsuya regular "it seems to be very popular with bloggers from Singapore these days". Whether you reckon this constitutes a nice crowd is up to you.