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Aug 7, 2013 08:45 AM

Penang - "Lor Bak" (Meat Rolls & Stuff) and "Bak Moey" (Pork Porridge) at Ho Ping, Penang Road

Ho Ping Coffeeshop on Penang Road is famous for quite a few things - but Penang "lor bak" is foremost among them. Rivalling the famous version at Kheng Pin Coffeeshop ( down the road, Ho Ping's rendition also has those tasty meat-rolls called "lor bak" in Penang ("ngoh hiang" in Singapore), prawn fritters, Taiwanese sausage, tofu, fish fillets, shrimp-topped hard tofu, and century eggs with pickled ginger. The deep-fried platter comes with two types of dip: the "lor" (a dark-brown, sticky sauce with egg threads running through it) which gave the dish its name, and a spicy chilli dip. Delish!

The other must-not-miss, of course, is the "bak moey" or pork porridge, cooked Teochew-style with cooked rice grains in a savoury pork broth. The pork porridge contained all manners of pig parts: kidney, intestines, stomach, liver, brain and minced pork. Topped with chopped scallions and a generous dusting of white pepper powder, it's absolutely the best pork porridge you'd ever have in Georgetown.

Address details
Ho Ping Coffee Shop
Penang Road
(intersection with Kampung Malabar
)10100 Penang

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  1. Now there is a new kopitiam called Hon Kei on Kampung Malabar Street. The lor bak and also bak moey have their branches in there. The seating is more comfortable but prices are higher.