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Aug 7, 2013 07:13 AM

Weekly Burmese/Lao Market Outdoors in Fort Wayne

This Sunday in Foster Park my family stumbled upon an amazing Burmese/Lao market. It's every summer weekend, Sat & Sun, 11am-8pm. About a dozen vendors. Prepared foods, exotic vegetables, clothes, candy, etc. We sampled excellent Burmese grilled chicken wing (large), a chicken noodle dish, an eggy crepe topped with condensed milk, and a Lao banana/black bean sticky rice dessert. Beautiful Burmese skirts were on sale for $8.00. We were the only non-Burmese/Laotian customers, everyone was welcoming. A friendly crowd gathered to show my daughter how to tie her skirt.

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  1. Sounds great, Barry. How did it compare to the Burmese food festivals in Queens? Sometimes the flavors there can be a bit blurry; I'd imagine that outside the NYC melting pot, it'd all be a bit more sharply preserved....?

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      This was a much different vibe from the Queens festivals. It was more of a market serving the local community. A gathering place in a nice riverside park, families, etc. The people didn't seem as assimilated as those I've seen at the NY festivals which are sponsored by established churches. Also many food items I didn't recognize (not that I'm an expert). Vegetables I never saw in the Chinese supermarkets I go to in Brooklyn. Many fried foods, I recognized chicken and large prawns, but little else. I'm sure there were many other foods I was unaware of but this was a quick first time visit.

    2. It sounds similar to the wonderful Thai temple market in Warren, Michigan.
      Thanks for the tip Barry, am still hoping to make a trip sometime, your posts about the Ft Wayne Burmese community are enticing.

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          Worth the trip! Not sure how many more weeks it will last. If you're coming from the North there are Amish on the farm meals that sound very good, though I haven't checked them out.

      1. Does anyone know if this is still going on?

        I'll be in Ft. Wayne at lunchtime next Sunday and would love to stop by!


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        1. re: meatn3

          I've heard that this might not still be going on. But not sure. There are also 3 great Burmese restaurants in town.

          1. re: Barry Strugatz

            Thank you. It seemed like a great stop to stretch my legs and have lunch at the same time.

            I've saved the restaurant listings from other posts so might try one if they are open on a Sunday!

            1. re: meatn3

              I believe all are open on Sunday. They seem to have best selection of dishes on weekends.

              1. re: Barry Strugatz

                I'm looking at Mahnin and Akaungzarr. Leaning towards Akaungzarr - especially since there are many comments about the length of time Mahnin takes.
                Since I have a good 6 hours further to drive I'd rather not take 1.5 hours for lunch.

                Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!

                1. re: meatn3

                  I'd go with Akangkazaar. I think they have more dishes.

                  1. re: Barry Strugatz

                    Thanks! I'll report if I'm able to eat there.

                    1. re: Barry Strugatz

                      My Saturday night lodging plans imploded so I had to travel several more hours. All of which threw off my timing for Ft. Wayne resulting in missing this opportunity.

                      Hopefully the thread being revived will help someone else find a great meal.