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Aug 7, 2013 07:08 AM

Where to next?

So I have been to Paris and South of France which includes Provence region and French riviera.
What other areas are recommended for food and overall sightseeing. My husband and I prefer pretty country regions with beautiful surroundings over cities. Someone I know recommended Burgundy region.

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  1. Burgundy is great. You might also want to try Gascoigne. Lots of great food there.

    Many of the other really good regions are more spread out, less concentration of really good places. The Corbières for instance. or the Languedoc.

    Well worth a visit. even though its a 'big' city is Toulouse. Great food & architecture.

    There are few uninteresting regions anywhere South of Paris. And to the North East you have Alsace and Champagne.

    An embarrassment of riches really.

    1. Burgundy
      Basque country
      Collioure-Pèzenas and surroudnig area

      1. No one's mentioned the Loire Valley yet...

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        1. Yank, Parigi and Chef June have named practically every departement/province/area there is; and I in my senilitude have been to all plus the Pas de Calais, Northland, Vosges, Isles (esp d'Yeu) and have a hard time deciding where we'll go in September.
          Do you have perhaps a map and a dart? Throw it. Then get out your Green and Red Michelins and go!
          OK I'm joking, but I swear, we have, in 60 years, never been bored anywhere, oh maybe in Cannes during the Film Festival listening to Hollywood types in a restaurant talking shop-talk, on the beaches of the Riviera in summer or in the deepest 16th anytime.
          But it's hard to find a bad region in France.

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            I guess there is a reason why french don't travel much outside of their country.

            1. re: Monica

              Proportionately speaking, they do. Many of my French friends know India, Mexico, Laos, …, much better than they know France. True.

              1. re: Parigi

                It's kind of startling that few Americans know their National Parks nor the French their national treasures.

          2. "My husband and I prefer pretty country regions with beautiful surroundings over cities"
            - I see Alsace in your future :)

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            1. re: Bigos

              Will keep that in my mind. thank you.

              1. re: Monica

                I had a wonderful week hiking in Alsace this spring. It is absolutely beautiful and charming. However, for me (a non-pork eater) food-wise it wasn't up there with some other regions. That said, I'd go back in a flash.

                Annecy is a lovely place to visit. So is coastal Brittany (especially if you love seafood and crepes).