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Aug 7, 2013 06:10 AM

HELP with kosher beef rib jus/sauce

Cooking for my BIL's family... making a whole rib roast. My question is about the jus: I could defat and serve the jus on the side, I assume... but I was thinking of giving it a little body, betwwen jus and a beef sauce.

So I can't use butter and flour to do that. What's the best way? Can I use some of the beef fat and flour or Wondra to whip up a little beef roux and add the jus? What other fat could I use? Thanks.

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  1. Beef fat is fine as is olive oil (or a solid shortening like Earth Balance).

    1. Wondra is a dairy product... it's certified OU-D. Can't use with meat :(

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          I just purchased a shaker can of Wondra flour. There is no dairy designation on it.

        2. Since using flour can lead to a lumpy result, why not simply use corn starch or potato starch? Just mix a teaspoon in a few tablespoons of warm water for a slurryu and whisk into the meat juices to give a little body.

          1. How kosher do you need to be? Kosher certified meat or just not mixing meat and milk?

            Any non dairy fat will do. Chicken schmaltz, beef fat, veggie oils and shortenings. Even margarine, like earth balance. Look for a P (parve) on packaged foods.

            1. I prefer a roux, but a buerre manie made with parve margarine or Earth Balance would work, too.