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Aug 7, 2013 12:48 AM

SF/Napa Trip Feedback - Labor Day weekend

Posted my itinerary about a month ago but just looking for some feedback with a more finalized itinerary:

Late night arrival on Fri

- Early start at Ferry Market Farmer's market hoping to check out blue bottle coffee, roli roti and craftsman and wolves
- Drive up to Napa for lunchbox at Addendum
- Vineyard tour(likely to be Mondavi)
- Dinner at Oxbow Market

- Visiting Pride, Chappellet and Chateau Montelena with Gott's Roadside lunch in between
- Dinner at Ad Hoc

- Early morning drive back to SF
- Mission Eating - Hoping to try La Taqueria, Humphrey Slocombe, Tartine Bakery.
- 4pm Alcatraz Tour
- Dinner at Bar Tartine(Initially wanted to go to Cotogna/AQ/Rich Table but were all closed for the long weekend)
- Drinks at Smuggler's Cove/Comstock Saloon

- Swan Oyster Depot Brunch
- Exploring Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39
- Cycling across Golden Gate Bridge
- Dinner at Saison

*End of SF trip*

Thanks in advance for feedback.... and is there anything special to look out for during labor day weekend?

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  1. Thoughts:

    There's a lot of driving between Pride, Chappellet Vineyards (not their corporate offices in st. helena), and Chateau Montelena. Totally doable just allocate a good 45 mins + between them - not including Gotts (it gets pretty trafficy around Gotts).

    1. lineup at bluebottle ferry building on saturday are EPIC

      holiday long weekend/end of summer is gonna make everything more crowded and slower than you estimate

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      1. re: macsak

        There is usually a bluebottle cart out in front of the Ferry Building with a shorter line. If you are looking at the Ferry Building it is to the right.

        I tend to like Sightglass more than bluebottle and they will be behind Cowgirl Creamery's booth starting 8/17.

        1. re: JonDough

          I am the opposite I like Blue Bottle more than Sightglass. I like a rounder nuttier/chocolate type feel to my coffee and Sightglass is too acidic for me (keep in mind Blue Bottle is more bright/acidic than "old school" coffee).

          I really love Sightglass's space.

          1. re: goldangl95

            We'd heard that the outdoor Blue Bottle had a shorter line but did not experience that. Both were at least a half hour wait.

            1. re: grayelf

              +1 by far the longest lines of anything at the farmers market, roli roti included. honestly, we went last weekend and didnt find the lines at roli roti, craftsmen or wolves or really any food place to be that bad. waited about 5-10 minutes and then got our food.

            2. re: goldangl95

              I love Sightglass's space as well, except I don't like how the bathrooms are setup.

              Verve is served at Frog Hollow Farm which could be another option for someone looking for good coffee.

        2. If you start off and eat your way around the Ferry Plaza on a Saturday morning, it is unlikely you will want lunch -- or get there in time -- for Addendum...

          Just say'n...

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          1. re: CarrieWas218

            That is such a great point, Carrie! I remember scoring my first Roli Roti porchetta right after then opened (breakfast of champions) and not being hungry for the rest of the day. This would be especially true if I had a Rebel Within as well. Though I don't know if I could stand (pardon the pun) the wait at Blue Bottle, Craftsman and Wolves AND Roli Roti on a Saturday, even super early. If the OP is travelling with others, divide and conquer, both for lining up and eating, may be the answer.

            1. re: grayelf

              We are a group of 4 so does look like with the massive lines anticipated, we probably would divide and conquer, hoping to get tasting portions of the roli roti porchetta, rebel within, hoping to taste a variety of stuff and yet not stuff ourselves too much

              1. re: greedyb

                If you are there early, there shouldn't be a problem getting a rebel within. The roli roti might be later but you can still get it if you are on the early side.

          2. Just FYI, work into your plans that the Bay Bridge may be closed Labor Day weekend to make the final connection for the new eastern span, which will mean heavier traffic on the other routes in and out of the city and that you'll have to take the longer (admittedly more scenic) way back from Napa. If you're lucky, you may get to try out the new bridge before you leave!

            If so, the Ferry Building should be a lot less crowded Saturday morning!

            1. Gott's seems like a waste of a meal to me.

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              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Admittedly got a little lazy on that one and it looked convenient from Pride enroute to Chappellet. Will look into possibly making reservations at Goose and Gander or Cindy's backstreet Kitchen since both look nearby too. Thanks