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Aug 6, 2013 08:55 PM

Bergen Record lauds service at local casual / fast food places.

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  1. Many people like to complain about restaurant service....few like to praise. It's nice to see when good service is acknowledged

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    1. It is surprising to read about superior service in fast food restaurants because there is little incentive for people working there to give anything above the minimum in service.

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      1. re: Tripeler

        I read this article when it was posted on another food website -- and I liked it.

        I think the article more speaks to service, as well as mindset, culture, etc. -- at casual restaurants. The author talks about Raymond's (In Ridgewood), which I've been to numerous times, and the service there is very good.

        Being in a business where "customer service" is critical, I understand and am overly sensitive to these issues. I always take notice of excellent, quality service, where someone takes pride in their work, etc.

      2. is it just me, or does it seem lately that every other restaurant review in the record is a ridgewood restaurant? North jersey has over 100 towns at least, cant they spread the love?

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        1. re: yogi70

          In general I like the reviews by Ms Ung.....but before, The Record had terrible coverage on anything food related....especially on Restaurants, dating back to Mark Howat

          1. re: fourunder

            I have nothing against the reviews, as I enjoy Ms Ung's work as well. Just seems like they do a lot of ridgewood lately. every few weeks it seems. kind of tiresome in my opinion.

          2. re: yogi70

            The Record believes its target demographic is an upper-class Republican living in Ridgewood. This is why they ignore everything in the southeast part of the county (that infamous Route 4 Mason-Dixon line). I'd love them to review some of the places in Wallington, Lodi...

            1. re: wereboar

              I was just thinking this the other day. Almost all of their reviews are of places in fancier, wealthier Northern Bergen County. There are plenty of great (and usually cheaper) places in Southern Bergen County. I'd love to see a cheap eats review of my beloved Buffalo's Chicken Shack.

              BTW, just the fact that The Record classifies Raymond's as the typical informal, casual, inexpensive place shows you where their thinking's at these days.

              1. re: zhelder

                you both may be on to something. yesterday's review, (surprisingly not a ridgewood place) was another fancy schmancy restaurant - Grange.... they gave it the record's generic 2 1/2 stars. went to check the website / menu. describes itself as " a modern take on classic American dishes. Simple yet elegant, with a twist of French technique" meh. no prices in the menu section = annoying/ major pet peeve of mine. it seems very nice, maybe ill give it a shot one day. I'm not asking for a diner, or a burger joint, or a pizza parlour review, but wereboar, i'm starting to possibly agree with the target demographic thing you mention. also did Ms Ung retire? feel like I haven't seen her name under the reviews in some time....

                1. re: yogi70

                  She's made a few posts on SH this past week....she was on Maternity leave.

                  As for the Casual reviews...they have a $50 or under column by Jeffrey Page(?)

                2. re: zhelder

                  A Secaucus restaurant review in today's record????
                  Was Ridgewood, Franklin Lakes, Ramsey and Upper Saddle River closed this week? lol

                  1. re: yogi70

                    Last 3 weeks Record reviews:

                    Bareli's Secaucus
                    Lan Shang Wallington
                    Sophia's Hasbrouck Heights

                    dont know if you read this board, but thanks from the average diner Ms Ung.

                    1. re: yogi70

                      were back to ridgewood, every other week it seems...

            2. I don't know how they select their reviews/restaurants, the geographical aspects, etc. I am sure there is some thought process that goes into this.

              Ridgewood has a ton of restaurants, is densely populated, attracts a lot of people, etc. -- so I would expect a lot, or perhaps more extensive coverage there. I don't know the specifics though.