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Aug 6, 2013 08:36 PM

Bone Marrow in Chinese Stirfry

When I was growing up in Hong Kong in the 70s, I had what I was told was cow bone marrow at restaurants that were in a stirfry with a light sauce. They were in tube-like pieces that were about an inch long each and they were white and soft and slightly chewy (marshmallow-like?) I have only had it a few times.

Am I dreaming or did anyone else had ever had anything like that before? Thanks.

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  1. I just found this

    "There is a Chiu Chow dish that I had as a kid, that I had not been able to find in the U.S., which up until Pak Loh I had mistakenly believed to be stir fried bone marrow (which led to the disappointment with American/Italian preparations like roasted bone marrow, which is not the same consistency at all). The Chinese name is "quat shui" 脊髓- the first word means "bone". In fear of mad cow disease, my parents had warned me away from this dish in recent years. However, on this visit I had a huge craving for it and absolutely had to have it before I left. So my mom kindly relented and ordered up a dish that was named on the menu as Stewed Abalone with...*drum roll*...Boned Goose Web and Cow's Spinal Cord (HK$118 ~US$15) 鹅掌脊髓. Yep, big revelation that surprised even my parents. In terms of consistency, cow spinal cord sort of feels like gnocchi, but a bit firmer and more chewy, without the separation of shell and filling, and tube-shaped. I haven't found anything else that tastes and feels like this - so although the thought of what it is may be a little appalling, since I grew up with this dish and like the taste and feel, it didn't bother me. Boneless goose web (which I'd never had) functioned the same as the baby corn and mushrooms, to offset the tender chewy pieces with crunch."

    Anyone had this sort of thing recently? In Toronto? Any thoughts on eating bone marrow and danger of getting Mad Cow Disease? Thanks.

    1. I grew up in the 70s/80s in Willowdale with parents from HK. I distinctly remember having exactly that dish many times in various Chinese restaurants here. I'm thinking the early Chinese restos like the one on Vic Park and McNichol (New World?). I remember the marrow pieces longer, like two inches or more.

      But then I don't remember having it again after the 80s in my early teens. I'll have to ask my Mom and Dad if they remember anything about this and why it stopped being served. Or maybe they stopped ordering it?