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Aug 6, 2013 07:07 PM

Natural/organic restaurants in Austin

We will be visiting Austin again so I was wondering if there are any new recommendations? I asked the same question about 6 months ago and some of thes suggestions were:
24 Diner
Monument Cafe
Kirby Lane
Eastside Cafe

My son needs to avoid artificial colors, flavors and preservatives such as TBHQ and BHT. 24 Diner and Monument used oils with TBHQ or BHT and Kirby actually uses margarine in their pancake batter. I also think Eastside may have had questionable oils too. We wound up eating at Whole Foods, Torchys (there are serveral in Dallas so we know what to order that is safe there), Tacodelli and Stubbs. (My son loves stubbs BBQ sauce and the briskit is all natural so he was happy there.Plus he could eat the fries there too) He wants to eat at Stubb's again but we can only go there on Sunday and we don't want to do the Gospel Brunch. What time does that end? We are thinking of trying Home Slice or has anyone tried Local Slice? We will be staying at The Domain but we are willing to drive South for one meal and that would most likely be on Sunday around lunch/brunch. I was also looking into Ruby's? But many reviews say it is quite dumpy. Would love to try Franklin's but we are not standing in that long line. I looked at a few other BBQ places but their sides are limited and he is picky so we want him to eat more than a plate of meat. :) The Snackbar looks really dinner menu looks really appealing but we would probably hit it around lunch time. Thanks!

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  1. Oh, and is Terra burger still open? Thanks.

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      Terra burger has been gone for a while now. Elevation Burger has moved in to their spot on Research near Costco. Elevation also says they have grass fed beef only and their fries are fried in olive oil I think. I never had a chance to compare Terra to Elevation so can't really tell you if it might be worth it or not.

    2. If natural/organic is the chief concern, the maybe try Casa De Luz.

      1. I wouldn't call Ruby's dumpy. To me it's just kind of your stereotypical bbq place... log cabin-ish feel, plank walls with stuff stuck all over them. Rustic.

        I think their cue is excellent, considering it's conveniently located and you don't have to get in line at 10AM to get it.

        1. My current favorite BBQ that you don't have to wait in line for is Stiles Switch.

          1. I have never eaten at Home Slice, but I wasn't terribly impressed by Local Slice. Definitely not worth the trip out to Cedar Park. I don't know how they managed it, but my hawaiian pizza was kinda bland. It's gotta be a seasoning issue with the sauce. They were generous with the strips of pork belly at least.

            If you were heading out to NW Austin/Cedar Park for some reason, I'd recommend checking with Noble Pig since they make most of their ingredients from meat to bread.