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Aug 6, 2013 06:32 PM

Coffee in Paris - the new wave

The Thai Airways inflight magazine has an article about the new barista driven coffee bars in Paris.

I have heard about Ten Belles (10 rue de la Grange aux Belles), but any insight into the following:

Telescope - 5 rue Villendo
Coutume Cafe - rue de Babylone
The Broken Arm - 12 rue Perree
Loustic - 40 rue Chapon
Cafe Lomi - 3 ter rue Marcadet
Milk Cafe - Montmartre


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  1. Thank you. Very nice list.
    Telescope is on rue Villedo
    Milk Cafe is on rue d'Orsel.

    Le Loustic is a great place to go after a phö at Song Heng. I like the phö there very much, but one is supposed to leave the no-frill boui-boui immediately after the quick meal, and I have always wanted to find a place nearby for a post-meal chillout coffee or tea. Nearby Loustic is perfect.

    1. Since you're asking for some insight, here's mine: they forgot Kooka Boora, La Caféothèque, Terres de Café, L'Arbre à Café, and I've always had terrible coffee at Coutume. I don't know about the others, which I haven't visited.

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      1. re: Ptipois

        Kooka Boora is my 'hood café. Selfishly I was hoping nobody had noticed...

        1. re: Parigi

          When it fills with Thai's you will know why.

      2. Ten Belles really has great coffee, I even buy my grains there (although they're awfully expensive).

        La Caféothèque (as mentionned by Ptipois), is nice to chill out (if you're in the neighborhood) and has a huge selection of coffees.
        I wasn't that impressed with their "café du jour" when I went, but I still would go back over any "standard" french café (if I'm in the neighborhood...).

        I never tried the other ones on the list, although they're on my list too.

        1. Telescope is my favorite -- calm and lovely space and brilliant coffee. I especially like the filter.