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Aug 6, 2013 05:23 PM

Half Moon Bay with Dog

We'll be heading back to Half Moon Bay for two nights, this time with our dog. We ate at Pasta Moon last time and liked it very much. Anything else worth checking out? We're coming from Los Angeles and we're fish only (no beef, chicken, pork, etc). May be willing to head North for food if something is spectacular... suggestions are appreciated. Since we have the dog we're looking for dog friendly places or amazing takeout. Thank you!

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  1. Half Moon Bay Brewing in Princeton/Pillar Point Harbor (just north of HMB) is probably the best dog friendly patio. With fire pits. The food is OK there and they are popular for their microbrews. I just usually keep it simple when ordering. They are a little pricey for what you get.

    Barbara's Fish Trap is right across the street. The restaurant does not accommodate dogs, but they have a takeout window and there are a few picnic tables along the water.

    In HMB proper It's Italia, right on Main Street, does a good pizza, plus a full Italian menu. If you ask they will let you and your dog into the back patio via a gate along the side of the building.

    Flying Fish Grill has a few tables out back, kind of adjacent to the parking lot though, not really a patio.

    Avoid Cameron's, although they make a big deal about their dog-friendly patio (they are horse friendly too, they have hitching posts in the parking lot), the food is bad and the last time we went there they had wasp nests in the trees around the patio. It is near the HMB dog park, which you might want to look up.

    Finally, best for last, La Costanera, in Montara (a bit further north) allows dogs on the patio that is on the lower level off of their bar. It's Peruvian, lots of seafood, you can order off the full menu at the bar or a small plates menu. Access the patio by going around the back of the restaurant. Spectacular ocean views and you can go for a walk down on the beach before or after eating.

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      Thank you for these awesome tips :) I'm putting La Costanera on my list for sure!!!

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        thank you!!! I will investigate Sam's Chowder House-- I'm definitely interested in the dog friendly beach as well :)

      2. We enjoy going to HMB with our dog, too. Just to add one more place to pamf's excellent list: Sam's Chowder House, just before Pillar Point. They have a nice heated patio with a view, and the beach just below the restaurant is dog-friendly, too!

        We've never taken the pet to La Costanera, but we enjoyed the food there very much. Sam's and HMB Brewing Co. are both pretty good, too.

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          I'm super late in replying to this and have been to the half moon bay area TWICE now since I posted this. The first time we went to Sam's Chowder house and it was great! Totally enjoyed our meal on the patio with our dog. We returned a couple of weeks ago without the dog but still went to Barbara's Fish Trap and it was so awesome I cannot wait to return! Best non-dairy clam chowder we've ever had! Also had the fried calamari and fish and chips. Overall-- excellent! :) Thanks for the tips!

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            You're most welcome Clyde! It's nice to have places that will accommodate chowhounds with 2 legs as well as 4, though they are often few and far between. If you find anything new, please post back.

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              One more place that we just went to last weekend with the pooch, is Chez Shea. It's on Main Street in HMB, but you can walk around the back and access their enclosed back patio through the parking area.

              This restaurant is casual, you order at the counter and they bring your dishes out to you. It's the same chef/owner as Cafe Gibraltar. The menu is wide ranging, so there is something for everyone. I have been going there for years, but for some reason this is the first time with dog.