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Aug 6, 2013 04:33 PM

Baking (cookies, etc.) on Big Green Egg

Our oven is broken and I miss baking cookies. Anyone baked cookies on their Big Green Egg? We have a large Egg and a largish pizza stone that covers almost the whole surface of the metal grill that comes with the egg. I've baked damper in foil on the Egg directly @ around 400'F (was winging it, to be honest) and while it was tasty, the crust burned.

Was thinking of baking a favorite oatmeal cookie with ground nuts, butter and no eggs that comes out crispy.

Fool's errand?


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  1. Just regulate the temperature, BGE can do anything except frying. (I'll probably hear from Eggheads that it can!)

    1. I've never baked cookies in it. I have done breads though.

      1. I did some beautiful challah bread on it- used CI pan on hot tiles- DH also did a perfect pizza on it. I bet cookies would be great!

        1. We participated in the local Eggfest a few years back and did all cookies just as something different from everything else being offered. Use the plate setter and keep the heat in the 325-350 range and your good. We did cookies that were complimented by the smoke flavor(maple bacon oatmeal, chipotle chocolate chip, and mesquite thumbprints with prickly pear or jalepeno jelly). We use butter and eggs in all the recipes with no issue. put the cookie sheets right on the plate setter.

          I've baked bread and made crisps and cobblers successfully as well. Our Egg gets lots of use during the hot Arizona summers to avoid turning on the oven inside.

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            Thanks, everyone! Yum on the smoke-complimentary cookies. Unfortunately my cookies were a failure, but FWIW, it seems likely b/c I didn't use (we don't have) the plate setter. I also used a thin aluminum cookie sheet as it was the only one I have that fit in the Egg.

            First try: I set the oven to 350' and the baked them cold from the fridge. The bottoms burned before the tops were ready. I took them out at 12 minutes. Second time, I popped a pizza stone in, and temp went up to around 375' I said what-the-heck and tried again, as above. After 8 minutes, same problem -- burned on bottom, not ready on top.

            The lesson is pretty clear, but I thought I'd post the outcome here for anyone else new to the Egg and experimenting. I suspect the butter-heavy recipe may have contributed, too.

            As the oven was still hot, I assembled an impromptu crumble that was delicious and didn't have any smoky flavor at all. Used frozen blueberries, chopped fresh peaches, and a walnut-coconut-oat-butter-sugar crumble mix I had made previously and frozen. Was bubbling and nicely cooked after 25 minutes @ 325'

            1. re: bgbc

              I do think the plate setter will make a big difference. Also raising the grate so you can get some refractory heat from the lid will help the tops brown. You could also try cooking them on a cast iron pan, because it takes awhile for cast iron to heat up giving more time for the tops to brown before the bottom is done. The Lodge cast iron pizza pan fits in the large BGE IIRC.

          2. Don't place directly on plate setter. Need some sort of an air space between the plate setter and the pan. Can easily do with a couple of pieces of crumpled up aluminum foil.....