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Aug 6, 2013 03:57 PM


Anyone know why Altura has been dropped from Eater's Essential 38. Has there been a change in chef or quality?

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  1. Because Top ** lists are fickle and rely on largely on the current whims of editors?

    1. Because controversy on such lists is what get them tweeted, shared, re-read, and revised, which gives Eater more page hits. Et Voila.

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      1. re: gingershelley

        Exactly. The lists would be undramatic if they did not constantly change, if when the restaurants do not. It is all about the drama and the controversy.

      2. Agreed that top ** lists are easy-to-employ editorial gimmicks--Seattle/SeattleMet mags seem to each have a different one every month. So I was reluctant to even look at this Eater list. But now I have. Just to show how arbitrary, Eater says it had "to make room for the newcomer" (Little Uncle*) so out go Altura and Quinn's. Why jettison Altura and Quinn's but retain Palace Kitchen and Cafe Campagne? Sheer food quality doesn't explain it, and with these two old-timers not even buzziness seems to be a common denominator.

        *Little Uncle does deserve to be in any top ** list, IMHO.