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Aug 6, 2013 03:51 PM

Fortune Garden Nanuet

We've been going to Fortune Garden for many years. We had a break for a few no particular reason, but I have to say our last few visits have been really good. Rockland is a desert when it comes to good Chinese. A few dishes that stand out are the crabs in black bean sauce, they have great sesame chicken, or shrimp. We ordered a really flavorful lamb dish - which I can't remember the name... and their whole fish are great. Also scallion pancakes are good.

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  1. Is that the place in the strip shopping center next to Midas?

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      It is across the street from Red Lobster, next to an Indian market, and cleats n sneaks.

    2. Yes...I agree. They are my favorite in the Rockland/Westchester region. Their fish specials are great, too.