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Aug 6, 2013 03:44 PM

Need Recommendations for 2 Days!

I need some help deciding where to have dinner for 2 nights. Staying in The City and will be dining solo the first night. I would like to stay close to my hotel (Grange The City) so I can walk back. Looking for a place I will feel comfortable dining alone, maybe with bar seating.

For the second night, my husband really wants Indian food and we can travel anywhere. I have narrowed it down to Trishna, Tayyabs or Cafe Namaste. I am welcome to any other suggestions as well.

We are also looking for the best area to go to after dinner for bars, lounges, etc...


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  1. Tayyabs is very casual and quick. Cafe Spice Namaste will give a good restaurant experience, as would Moti Mahal (I prefer the latter)