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Aug 6, 2013 02:38 PM

Calling all Trinidadians! Why did my doubles go RED??

Got Caribana fever and decided to give doubles a try. MISTAKE! I think I'm going to leave such challenges to the experts henceforth, but would still like to know what the heck happened to my dough. I followed this recipe. Please see the results below... Original dough + resulting, fried thing. NO LAUGHING! They look like red velvet apple fritters. They tasted okay, but I trashed my creation... Don't say that colour doesn't have an impact on appetite.

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  1. That bara is telling you to seek out a better recipe. Check Youtube.

    1. Did you maybe put the channa spices in the dough? The dough stuck to the sides if your bowl looks red. And they look Overcooked. That recipe says to fry them for just a few seconds.

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        Yes, I added tumeric (as called for in the recipe). I also attached the link of the recipe I used. I'm an expert at eating doubles but not at making them. It tasted "okay"... not terrible, but I noticed bursts of baking soda so I realize that I should have blended the dry ingredients more. There must be some science to this because even the guy I got from the recipe from seems confused.