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Aug 6, 2013 01:55 PM

What's good on the Sunshine Coast right now?

Doesn't seem to be a lot of choices out there. Smitty's seems to be what people like, but other reviews are not so good. We are 12 people, all ages, and want a very, very good restaurant (ideally seafood).

Any recommendations also for a great brunch/breakfast place and a market to buy FRESH fish/seafood for grilling would be great too.


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    1. re: LotusRapper

      Thanks! I did see these but hoping for something newer?

    2. make sure you search for "sechelt" on this board

      where are you exactly staying - the SC is over 100 miles so if you're in Powell River -then that is a far different destination (ie another ferry ride from west van.) than Gibsons or Sechelt. And those two town centers are not Halfmoon Bay - perhaps you've been to the SC before?

      for fish to take and cook yourself - they also cook it for you deep-fried - go to Sharkeys Fish Locker in Roberts Creek. There is also Mike at the fish shop in Sechelt on the main drag - can't think of the name of that street. But it is the main st. I am not sure what you mean by your all-caps FRESH because sometimes flash frozen is better than days' old fresh. You know what I mean? The shop will explain to you.

      you'd have to speak directly to the shop owners to find out what is in season as they will have a better knowledge of the current permits etc. And you don't have to get sockeye to have the best fish. It is just a different "season" (ie the permit may have run out or nobody is bringing it in that day)

      For some of the best Maui Ribs for your bbq - go and see Dave at the butcher (he has everything incl pork, chicken, sasusages, and beef dry aged, phone ahead) - it is the butcher just as you enter Sechelt at the stop light - there is a "lighthouse cold beer and wine shop" a couple of doors over. And a coffee place.

      Smitty's Oyster House I would think would be best for a group of that size and age range - it is a very unique setting (I can't think of any city equivalent) - i find it loud but many people find it enjoyable and shall we say, festive. So that's a personal viewpoint isn't it? For a couple dinner (say, four adults) I would think Sweetwater bistro (the pink house in Gibsons) would be nicer. for a breakfast or lunch for that size of group and age range - i would go to Molly's Reach - it is ordinary but pleasant and where else do you get a view like that? some outside tables.

      i hope you have time to make the most of the local fresh produce - There are farm gate stands around Reed / Henry / Russell / S-Turn. Your comment about not much perhaps means you don't know the right people yet ; )

      1. maybe the Beachcomber Brewery will be open by time you visit

        no food that i'm aware of - but nice rural atmosphere - you can't miss it - at the top of the bypass (the big hill as you get off the ferry on the langdale side