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Getting braces tomorrow trying to plan ahead of time. What foods can I have and not have?

Just give me a few or even a list. I'm going shopping later today and need to know soft foods for after I get them and what I can and cannot eat afterwards?! Please help!

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  1. No corn on the cob while you have braces. At all. For tomorrow, plan a pureed soup, or a milkshake. For a few days, think soft foods - spaghetti, quiche, etc.

    Good luck!

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      Yep - Plan on soup for awhile. My teeth were pretty sore for awhile. After mine were on, I avoided caramel, popcorn, gum and anything with small seeds. I could eat cut up apples and corn OFF the cob.

      Plan on packing your toothbrush where ever you go, as you never know until you try what won't work.

    2. thnx! im nervous about getting them and didnt know what foods i couldnt have

      1. I would avoid popcorn, anything sticky like caramels, or anything with nuts as well. Your orthodontist will likely give you a list of foods that you should avoid.

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        1. I'm facing oral surgery tomorrow so here's the soft foods I'm going to shop for today. Applesauce, jello, puddings, plain yogurt (i.e, without the fruit), flan, ice cream or frozen yogurt without add-ins; ready made smooth soups, like tomato, cream of anything (carrots, squash, spinach, mushroom, etc.). Heat-to-serve mashed potatoes is my go-to food, since you can add lots of milk and pureed vegetables (like cooked spinach) to make a cream of potato soup, as well as eat the mashed potatoes as a main dish with a gravy or sauce. Not sure you are into polenta (which you can buy ready made in chubs) but polenta with spaghetti sauce topped with grated Parmesan chees is great!

          Also, don't forget refried beans with salsa.

          1. Didn't your dentist give you list of acceptable foods? Maybe braces have changed since my niece got hers (4 years ago) but she had a very specific list of foods she could and couldn't eat post braces. The list selection became wider the longer she had them on but was often limited post adjustments. Sugary liquids like ice cream, frappes, sodas etc were considered off limits due to the increase risk of cavities.

            Her mouth, tongue and jaws were VERY sore right afterwards, for at least a couple of days and it took weeks for her to get used them. She preferred easy to swallow foods that took min, chewing like scrambled eggs, hummus, quiche/frittatas and soups she could sip, particular ones that packed flavor like carrot ginger, tomato bisque, spicy thai coconut chicken.

            If you don't own one consider a getting a waterpik. Life saver when you do get something stuck!

            1. FYI, I've never had braces, so you'll have to check against your dentist's "approved" list, as well as find out whether hot and/or cold temperatures will bother you.

              You'll need soft foods, and if you're cooking for yourself, foods that are easy-to-prepare (or cooked in advance and reheated).

              Dairy -- yogurt, no-sugar-added pudding, milk, cream, hot chocolate, soft or whipped cream cheese
              Beans (cooked to mush) -- refried, black beans, split peas, lentils, any others as long as they're mashed
              Pulses -- grits, oatmeal, cream of wheat, farina, congee
              Vegetables -- cooked and mashed: potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, pretty much anything that isn't too fibrous.
              Fruits -- bananas, applesauce, other fruits pureed.
              Other: Very soft tofu dishes, overdone mac-n-cheese, cream soups, gazpacho, soggy cereals, classic Southern banana pudding made with sugar-free pudding mix, soft scrambled or poached eggs, protein shakes as a last resort.
              Canned or very-well-cooked boneless meats mixed with mayo and put on very soft sandwich bread. Baby food.

              Remember, crisp items (cookies, crackers, cereal) will turn soft if they get soggy, so feel free to add crackers to your soup and cookies to your cereal, as long as you let 'em sit awhile.

              If you feel like dessert anyway: Ice cream, popsicles/Fudgesicles, puddings, souffl├ęs, chocolate mousse, soft cake.

              1. Get a Waterpik, for sure. It was a big help when I had braces.

                1. I guess I'm too late, but I would warn you about those pills they sometimes give you to limit your saliva before they put on your braces. Anything with citric acid or salty will burn the hell out of your mouth...

                  1. Make a list of what works- my mouth was sore for a day or two every time I got mine tightened.

                    1. Bean/rice/cheese burritos with tons of salsa.

                      I had a friend who got jaw surgery for an underbite in college, one time he put a whopper in a blender.

                      1. A good list would be the softest things you can find!
                        Aviod eating chips and anything that you can't just sallow without chewing. Have lots of water. room temperature is usually the best because if its to cold it can feel weird in my opinion. I just got my bottom braces! i know how it feels!

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                          I don't find chewing a problem at all. Biting with my front teeth may or may not be a problem. Usually not. My only discomfort has been the inside of my lips after an adjustment. PS: My orthodontist told me that his adult patients usually whine more than the kids. I'm 66 so proved that wrong :)