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Aug 6, 2013 11:55 AM

Quick eat in Midtown NYC

What would be the quickest place to eat in midtown NYC (not kosher delight)


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  1. It really depends what corner you're standing on. Install Kosher GPS on your cell. Or tell us where you are.

    1. Too many to name. Your closest pizza or falafel place. Mendys in Grand Central if there isn't a line. Or any place with premade food ready for the lunch time crunch. It all depends on where you are. The walk to a further place is probably longer than the marginal difference it service time.

        1. Totally depends where you are! My recommendations for cheap Midtown eats are: SoomSoom (felafel, sabich etc) - on Lexington between 55th/56th, Bravo Pizza on Broadway and 37th, Shalom Bombay (affordable lunch buffet and specials) on Lexington and 42nd, and Schnitzel Express (chicken sandwiches) on Broadway and 39th. (There is a new dairy place next door under the same ownership, but I haven't tried it yet.)
          None of these places are amazingly gourmet, but for decent, reliable food at a reasonable price, these are my picks.

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            I disagree, while Bravo's pizza is very good, it is nowhere near cheap. A vegetable slice is upwards of $4.00 and smaller than typical for the money.

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              True, it's a lot for pizza. But if you compare it to other food that can serve the same quick-and-easy-lunch purpose, like sandwiches, sushi, etc., it's as cheap or cheaper, even if you get two slices.

          2. Are there kosher food trucks in midtown NYC? Someone mentioned today seeing 2 together around park and 47th street? Is that the case, and are they at the same location every day?

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              There is a kosher food truck called Grill on Wheels. They are in the midtown area, but I believe the exact location varies. Here is their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Grill-...

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                I think that might be moshe's falafel. It's been around forever, although I prefer the falafel at soom soom a block away.