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Aug 6, 2013 09:08 AM

Need Restaurant Recommendation for 6

A group of us (6) will be traveling to NYC for the US Open, and need help with a dinner recommendation. On 8/31 we will have both a 30th birthday and an anniversary. I am looking for a good restaurant recommendation....with the following in mind:

-2 of the 6 don't like sushi
-Don't want to have to wear anything fancier than business casual
-Can be a nice sit down (we tried Gramercy Tavern, but reservations already full), or a fun bar/restaurant
-Anywhere in Manhattan

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Maysville, The Marrow, Colicchio & Sons (Tap Room), Betony, I can go on but check these out and see if any work for you.

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      Thanks! I ended up making reservations for both Colicchio and Betony on a different night. I appreciate the help.

      1. re: tcoop25

        You're welcome. And FWIW, good call on choosing Betony, just had an incredible meal there, if anyone in your party likes lobster be sure to order it. And at C & Sons the Prawns with Pork Belly is fantastic.

    2. Union Square Cafe
      Boulud Sud

        1. Looking over the Opentable openings for 6 on that night... the interesting ones, in alphabetical order:

          Aquavit - similar in ambiance to Gramercy, more interesting food. A little pricier than GT, perhaps. No jacket requirement, business casual is fine. I've gone in jeans and a cardigan over a t-shirt.

          Blue Hill - similar food to Gramercy, if a bit more straightforward. An old stand-by that I rarely find myself going to, but you'll never have a -bad- meal there. Just perhaps not as exciting / interesting as some other option.

          Bouley - one of the better of the Haute French places, and more interesting than, say, Daniel. They do have a jacket requirement, though, for dinner, if I remember correctly - someone else correct me on that if I'm wrong.

          Cafe Boulud - the more casual (and frankly better) sister restaurant to Daniel. More creative food, more fun, better vibe.

          Colicchio & Sons (Main Dining Room) - another in the vein of Gramercy / Blue Hill. Solid, a little more creative than BH I find.

          Del Posto - more expensive than the other options, excellent Italian. The room "feels" a bit more formal but technically there's no dress code. Business casual would be fine.

          Gramercy Tavern - well, go figure, there are two 6-tops listed on Opentable (5:30 and 9:30)

          WD-50 - a bit more adventurous, but tasting menus only. They do accommodate dietary restriction / preferences, though.

          Of the above, I'd probably do Gramercy or Aquavit, or maybe Del Posto if you really want it to feel like a "big event" kind of meal. Aquavit's my personal #1 these days for high-end sit-down food, though

          Not via opentable:

          You could also try calling Babbo on the off chance they have a 6-top open. Unlikely, but you never know.

          Much more casual, there's Momofuku Ssam Bar - if you want to pre-order the Bo Ssam, there's an 11:30 PM reservation open through their website. It's $200 for the Ssam, then just order a bunch of smaller dishes to go with it...

          1. Manon. At first I thought it was just another Meat Packing/ Chelsea 'hip' place with OK food but it was surprisingly solid and delicious.